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RN Rum Suppliers


I have recently been in contact with the "Pussers Rum" company , who claim that the RN always sourced its rum from The Caribbean ; I contend that suppliers in both South Africa and Australia ( Bundaberg ?) were also used if the circumstnces dictated . It seems logical to me , as my old ship , HMS Eagle , was often near both locations ,with RFAs picking up stuff from ,for example , Mombasa ( lovely big juicy tomatos !!). Any comments ??


War Hero
The rum which Pusser issued wasn't actually a single, proprietary brand.

The right to supply rum to the Royal Navy was held exclusively by the company E D and F Man, a sugar, molasses and coffee broker and still trading today, from 1783 until the end of the tot in 1970. The firm used to supply its rum to the victualling yards at Deptford, Gosport and Devonport and that rum was then reblended on site to comply with the Admiralty "recipe", a blend of five individual rums.

Today's "Pusser's Rum" is made according to the Admiralty recipe, using the old RN stills. In 1979, Charles Tobias, who founded the Pusser's Rum company, asked the Admiralty for permission to begin manufacture using the old formula; it was granted and, in return, the firm donates a substantial amount to RN charities.

The rum sold as Pusser's Rum is the same strength as the Admiralty's. I gather that the rum when sold elsewhere is lower in strength but that the company sells a version in Germany which is 150 per cent! Gulp!

Interesting links for you:

Pusser's Folklore

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Always understood that Mann & Phillips had something to do with the supply.

Phillips of Bristol make a cordial called Shrub (originally formulated to take away any hint of sea water which may have penetrated the barrel during shipping).

Rum mixed with Shrub makes for a rather nice drink!
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Lantern Swinger
soleil;1149089 Rum mixed with Shrub makes for a rather nice drink![/QUOTE said:
I could never get to like it. I did try often when visiting my cousin whose husband like it very much. I'll stick to neaters.


War Hero
Yes, I used to partake of Rum and Shrub in a pub called the Turkey Cock, Elm hill in Norwich, from memory it was a very tasty and pleasant.


Lantern Swinger
I only drew my tot for 3 years, but even then I prefered the taste of Woods Rum, big difference was, pussers tot was free. Plus the social stuff that went with "tot time".


Yes , I only drew my tot for 3 years ,going "G" in 1967 ( about 5 days out of Capetown ,en route to Addu Attoll aka RAF Gan ) .On the last day (sob!) I led a "funeral party" of CPO technical rates ,from NATEC and NATIU at Daedalus from the bubbly store to the CPOs' mess , playing the Bass Drum slowly whilst the precious fluid was perched on a White Ensign atop a coffin .My drum was emblazoned with "RIP TOT" in Pusser's masking-tape , and later I took it on "Divisions" after my own tot , another of "neaters" from the CPOs' mess , and several "sippers" from prospective liberty-men car-drivers . I was very pissed ; the Captain was only faintly amused !


Yes ,I liked the social stuff too , pie.thatcher . The Fish-heads used to look at us Airy Fairies contemptuously as we sat smoking ,chatting and sipping our nectar in the Port Pocket of Eagle's Dining Hall ; a part of the day one looked forward to with keen anticipation .The attitude in Drake Barracks was even worse , but of course ,we persevered !!
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