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Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by Geordie88, Jun 10, 2007.

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  1. Hello,

    do the marines pariticipate in the Royal Navy Judo practise?

    The reason I ask is that I used to train as a civvie with the RN at HMS Calliope, and they weren't much cop (no offence to the lads and lasses I trained with!) as as a civvie I trained with a breakaway group of martial artists who studied the martial art of Judo rather than the Olympic accedited sport. They also used crash mats, which are for puffs. If you don't want to get thrown and hurt, then don't let your opponent throw you!
  2. Yeah, good point Geordie. I'm all for realism lets do away with blanks, live rounds only and actually have an armed 'enemy' to charge at when doing section attacks etc. This should winnow out the weak and feeble and leave the remaining nods already battle hardened and so ready to rock big time in the sandpit.
    It's called training mate, when you are trained, ie when you are competent at something, you can then do away with some of the safety procedures, however to reduce unnecessary injury there will always be some form of safety equipment or device used, that way there are still some warm bodies left at the end of training, this applies to 'sport' as much as it does to military training.
    10/10 for keenness though :w00t: .
  3. I just think crash mats are naff! They move about, and sod all use if you land on your head anyway!

    Do New Zealanders really pronounce 6 as sex?
  4. nzb, i read a book one time about an absolutely all-time real combat training unit used as elite/penal troops - don't ask. according to the book, absolutely real training produces up to 95% fatalities in the training unit before they even go to a combat unit.

    look it up sometime - its called Collective Landing Detachment, by Victor Milan.
  6. I'm a Sunderland fan :afro:
  7. Geordie, I'm not a native NZer, I'm naturilised. When I first met my OH in London (April 3 '90, a day that like Pearl Harbor, will live in infamy) I had to ask her to repeat about every third word as Kiwis not only have the accent but speak twelve to the dozen as well. The best one though is Fish and Chips FEESSSH and CHEEPPS cracks me up,my 5 year old does it too now so I'm fecked.
    As Pinta will no doubt verify Kiwis get the sh!t ripped out of them by Aussies for their accents, still it's only cause all the Kiwis have got jobs and work harder,he he.
  8. Just the one? :w00t: :w00t: :dwarf:
  9. well, nzb, they tried to remove my brain, only to realize i didn't have one already :lol:
  10. On enlistment Royals are given the choice
    B) Chunky watch
    Guess which is the favourite opton.

    clue it ain't A
  11. Grrrr NZB! Geordie to clarify, I was born in NZ, moved to Oz as a teen and have now been in the UK for 6 yrs. So basically my accent is just a mongrel mixture of god knows what now! I think the best Kiwi one though is Sin Bin SUNN BUNN, as in rugby. Which is where I believe NZB spends alot of his time, when he's not working really, really hard of course hee hee xx
  12. Yes, they do mate. http://www.rnjudo.com/homepage.htm

    Get a grip. If someone is a beginner then they will need crash mats at times. Nobody starts a sport as an instant expert.

    Even if you're experienced you will always come up against someone who will be able to bounce you around the mat. At my local Dojo we had a Japanese 3rd dan practise with us over a few months and even our experienced dan grades struggled with him, he was that good.

    As for crash mats being "for puffs" (sic)

    If 'Tasty' http://www.rnjudo.com/profile11.htm gets hold of you, you'll probably wish that you've got a crash mat underneath you.

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