RN/RM Climbing champs

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by monkey_spunk, May 18, 2006.

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  1. Just returned from the RN/RM climbing champs. A great days climbing had by all and well organised and sponsored event however, was slightly disappointted to see a poor turn out of about 20 people. I am sure there are over 100 or so matelots/bootnecks who would of liked to have attended but have either not been given time off cos its not football or rugby or because the military really are that short of manpower that time cant be given off. Maybe the event wasn't that well advertised either- anyway end of drip. Congratulations to all the winners- look forward to next years champs.

    P.s. Does anyone know if mountain biking is a recognised AT event or if plans are in place to make it so?
  2. Climbing Champs? Er .... what? Sounds a bit "Topless Darts from Roehampton" random to me.
  3. Climbing champs are good fella,i did one in gloucester a few years back and came third in the hvs/e1 cat,didn't attend this time though because of work commitments but the times i have been it's had a good attendance so it's a bit of a shame not so many turned up. Did they hold a boldering comp this year? I've done that a few times and it's a good crack, will make it next year if poss.
  4. Yeah there was some bouldering this year-all good. Hopefully there will be a champs next year- depends on someone organising it i spose!
  5. I am joining the Navy in September I currently work at a climbing centre and have spotted some guys wearing a RN/RM climbing team t shirts, Something i'll definitely look at doing when im in. Can anyone provide more info?
  6. For more info have a look at www.climbnavy.com

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