RN/RFA Ships sinking

HMS Fittleton capsized and eventually sank after colliding with HMS Mermaid while conducting a RAS (Replenishment at Sea) manoeuvre on 20 Sep 1976. 12 RNR personnel lost their lives. I think the previous sinking was the second RFA Ennerdale which struck an uncharted pinnacle off the Seychelles on 1 June 1970. There were no casualties.
01/14/1958: The Royal Navy boom defense vessel HMS Barcombe ran aground off the Island of Oronsay, Argyll,Scotland.

At the court martial of BARCOME's commander, Lt.Cdr. Derek Charles Godfrey, the court recorded that there was a local magnetic anomaly in the Loch Buie area, and extra care should have been taken by the accused.



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Guys, not wanting to blow someone else's trumpet here (arf) but Lt Cdr Malcolm MacLean has produced a superb book on this very subject and is available online.

It is called 'Naval Disasters since 1945' ISBN 978-1-904459-323.

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