RN response to Med hijacks in 80s and stuff

Quickie historical question that can be applied to recent hijack of the couple's yacht by pirates and that is if anyone remembers the Achille Lauro hijacking in the 80s: Did any of the Type 22/23/42 attached to NATO med formation, participate in surveillance of the cruise liner (I'm, assuming the guest list must have had some of our locals on board but please correct me if I am wrong)

Having read Tom Clancy's Shadow Warriors - Inside the Special Forces (with Carl Stiner) (2002), it mentions the standoff between SEAL Team 6 and the Italian Carabineri, by the Egyptair flight with the Achille Lauro hijackers on board at NAS Sigonella, and how the airliner was forced to land at SIgonella by the F-14 crews however there was an option as he put it to go to Cyprus but there was too much risk of reprisals as he says it had a base that was run by USA's biggest ally....which he just could have mentioned Akrotiri!!

Anyhow I figured out if they force the airliner to go to Akrotiri, then no probs, RAFP would've taken the bad guys into custody and handed them over the the US authorities as there was the Beirut Air Bridge flight detachment with UH-60A from Germany based there as well as diplomatic staff.

Back then how did the surface fleet react to hijackings in the med or the hostage situ in Beirut? Everyone on their feet, full alert and ready to launch?

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