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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by 91hammersfan, Jan 31, 2011.

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  1. hi, last year i took my aptitude test and failed, and was wondering if i can join the reserves until i can take the test again. and i know theres a test for the reserves and was wondering what it is like compared to the aptitude one. as on the site it says you go to your AFCO and fill in a questionare and do the test the same day aswell. thanks :)
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  2. Same test, same year-long wait.
  3. can i still do it though. thanks
  4. Let me explain in more detail.

    The test for RN and the test for RNR is the same test.

    Once you've taken the test, you must wait for a year before you can take it again. This applies even if you take it with a view to joining the RN for the first attempt, and the RNR at the second (or vice-versa).
  5. Yeah, but can he take it again?

  6. When did you fail it?
  7. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Might be worth checking out what the RNR does - its not some kind of Creche for failed applicants to the regulars. Its a busy organisation providing bodies on operations around the world. Turning up for a year won't significantly help you at RALEIGH and will waste time and resources which could be spent preparing someone else to be able to deploy.
  8. july last year
  9. Take your socks off, doubles the size of the calculator.
  10. Your not Cornish then!!
  11. I would concentrate on putting in a lot of extra study and practice against the clock, if necessary signing up for a course which will help you brush up on the areas you tripped up on, during the next few months, so that when you resit it in July, you pass.

    Don't take the risk of failing it again; you won't be offered further chances.
  12. thanks, thats what i was thinking of doing, it was maths that i messed up on but i only just failed which is the crap thing.

  13. But I thought the new generation was the clever generation?

    Thats wot the government keep telling us!!! (Another government lie);P
  14. Hammers,

    Ermm - I hope you've realised that there is a tad more to the RNR selection process than just a re-sit of your 'aptitude test'.

    Plenty of time between now and July to search and research, though.

    Best of luck with your preps (and likewise with Avram's eventual relief....)
  15. Hi Hammer Fan,

    Contact your careers office who can tell you if you scored enough for RNR entry or look at re-booking you in for a further test when you are ready.

    All the best SM (A proud Forest fan)

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