RN Reserves Medically Questionairre


26yo looking to join the reserves.

Can anyone share the medical process for joining? I can see you require a form to be sent to your GP for the regs but is this the same for the reserves?

I had one case of depression in 2011 where I was diagnosed sertraline - but that was it. I’ve never been formally diagnosed with anything since then.

Is there any point me trying to join? Or?


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The medical requirements for RN & RNR are the same AFAIK.
There is no body on RR who is suitably qualified to comment on medical questions of this type.

Get the process going and get direction from your AFCO.
Sorry not to be of more help.
Good luck with the application.

I recommend that you go ahead with the medical process as only the doctor who reviews you will asses you as an individual, your circumstances in 2011 as opposed to how you are now, etc.

I thought a lot of things on my medical history would make me ineligible but my application process is still going strong. And I’m excited!

There is no harm in trying if it’s what you truly want to do.

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