RN Recruiting Test/Psychometric Test Examples.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Ninja_Stoker, Sep 1, 2008.

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  1. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    By popular request:

    You may download example tests here: http://c69011.r11.cf3.rackcdn.com/d63bb0c11bd843a88d30a3df326d5a00-0x0.pdf Many claim the practice test booklet is different to the test - it isn't, but if they do not practice against the clock, as instructed, they are in for a surprise.

    The Recruiting Test is 4 part multiple choice, 30 questions in each section & you should aim to get a minimum of 50% correct in each of the 4 sections to be assured of a good pass & to leave viable job options in the Navy, should you not score high enough for your chosen trade. If you score less than ten out of 30 in the English or maths sections, it's an automatic fail for any job. The questions aren't hard, but you need to work fast. If you fail it's 12 months for a re-sit, so beware falling at the first hurdle- for goodness sake -PRACTICE AGAINST THE CLOCK!!!

    You get a free practice test booklet from the AFCO, (downlaodable link above) which is an excellent guide to what to expect. Online tests are of limited value as it's a paper & pencil test, however a lot of people say the Brain Training series of games games on a Ninetendo DS helped them.

    A very good free online Psychometric Test can be found on the Practice Tests website
    BUT: The site is merely used to test out testing systems, so don't put your real ID or email details on the site- just enter spoof data. You should go through the test as fast as you can to simulate the real thing. To my mind it’s probably the most representative of the tests available, albeit online rather than paper & pencil.

    Other good online tests can be found at: The Fireman's mechanical comprehension tests will help. (At risk of sounding ageist or sexist, the mechanical aspect tends to be the weakest area for many young males & females). The RN doesn't have any online versions, but the Civil Service online test offers a simulated Naval entry test which isn't strictly reflective, but again gives a good idea of what to expect, likewise there are some authentic practice tests on the psychometric success site.

    A good book to borrow from a library (harder than the test, but good for practice- IF you feel you need it) is IQ & Psychometric Testing by Phillip Carter another one, believe it or not is the Verbal, Non-Verbal & mathematics sections of 11+ Mixed Papers. It sounds mad but the questions are virtually identical- again it's the timescales that make it difficult. You only have 9 minutes to complete 30 questions in the verbal section, same again in the non-verbal & 16 minutes for the 30 maths questions. Sounds easy- try it!

    The generic: Practice Tests for the Armed Forces: Entry Level (ISBN: 9780340926550)is reasonable in my opinion, but possibly a little easier than the real thing. The Ultimate Psychometric Test Book is another reasonable example to borrow from your nearest library.

    Other sites:


    Numerical Tests: Numerical Reasoning Test Practice

    Put yourself to the test with our mock assessment questionnaires - Times Online

    4Tests.com - Free, Practice Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Exam

    Psychometric Testing | Aptitude Tests | Free Aptitude Test | Psychometric Test | Abstract Reasoning

    Graduate Jobs Numeracy Tests

    Take a Test - English | SHL

    Practice Psychometric Tests, Free Numerical & Verbal Tests, Online Personality Questionnaires & Situational Judgement Tests | 2011

    Sample Tets – UK Civil Service and Royal Navy

    Aptitude Online - Graduate Recruitment Tests

    Interview tests and exercises: Psychometric tests | Prospects.ac.uk

    4Tests.com - Free, Practice Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Exam

    Assessment Guidance - Practice Tests - Kenexa - HR Success Multiplied

    Find Jobs: Search thousands of jobs now | Monster.co.uk

    Aptitude Tests Online - Abstract, Numerical, and Verbal Aptitude Tests

    The overiding advice, is these example tests need not cost you a penny, so don't be suckered into buying something you can borrow or download for nothing.

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  2. Thanks, Ninja, this will probably prove to be very usefull.

    Edit: i just did that sample RT, so damn easy.
  3. Thanks the example and links are very helpful!
  4. Can anyone shed any light on the degree of difficulty of the AIB PC based psychometric tests?

  5. No sorry unfortunately I've not seen this one


  6. does anyone know the percentage that a mine clearance diver has to get in a RT? because i passed for this but wasnt told my score, thanks
  7. You'll usually just be told if you pass, or fail mate.
  8. If you can score over 50 per cent you will be fine.
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  9. Is that the same for officers?
  10. No they need to get far more, They need to get about 65 percent in both the Maths and English sections.


  11. Worth mentioning that the booklet/link provided by the RN doesn't include much arithmetic, and so it might be tempting to overlook that part. However, it makes up for a large amount of the questions in the actual tests.

    If you make sure you can learn the tricks required to do addition, subtraction, long division and multiplication (inc. with decimals) on paper you won't have any trouble on any maths question they can throw at you - the only issue then is speed.

    You probably learnt how to do it in school, it only takes a few hours to relearn it - theres a trick to them and you don't need to be smart once you learn it. It becomes invaluable at both the first stage interviews, and the AIB if you're going on to it. All of the maths questions can be solved this way, so learn it!
  12. Probably worth mentioning if you want to go for AET you need 70% based on the 120 questions. (The highest mark required for a trade?)

    (Thats what the AFCO lads told me).
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  13. What tricks? Its been a long, long time since I was at school.
  14. Your wrong PCT needs the highest score. AET is the highest score within the engineering trades
  15. I stand corrected ;)

    (Although it was actually a question... :p)
  16. This website is the first that came up on a quick search, it has lots of other methods but the techniques I am referring to are under the title "Multiplication on Paper" on the following link:


    Similar techniques can be used for addition, long division etc on paper, have a search through the website they are all there! It might take a while to get used to as it can be a bit counter-intuitive at first, but keep making up practise questions and then checking it with a calculator. Start with adding and subtraction on paper first, as these are required to do the multiplication and division.
  17. Was told at my test that it's 85/120 for PCT, so if AET is 70% then is AET just one mark less on the overall score, or are the scores more weighted by section (mechanics, numeracy, etc)?
  18. Thanks Mark123. Some good stuff there.
  19. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    PCT actually requires over 75%, (More than 85/120) but it is the highest ratings overall recruiting test score required as Supermario has stated, followed by the new direct entry Aircraft Controller and Student Nurse.

    AET is the highest scoring engineering trade at around 66%. We aren't allowed to give specific pass fail marks out of 120 for each branch unfortunately & there are different minimum scoring parameters within each of the four sections - some trades requiring lower overall scores but higher "part scores" than others, so it's not at all clear cut.
  20. Interesting. To be honest, I was surprised to be told anything at all - I had been under the impression from what I've read on here that recruiters don't give out scores, etc. I presumed that would be down to the different factors you mention. Either way, just happy to have passed!

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