RN recruit test coming up.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by pilot1, Nov 6, 2010.

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  1. Hi,

    I hope everyone is well?

    I have my recruit test on tuesday this week. I have had a go at the practice book that they give you, aswell as some aptitude tests on the internet.

    I just wondered if anyone can tell me what to expect in terms of what happens when you arrive, how long will the entire process take, what happens afterwards with arranging the medical etc.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. When you first get in they will check everybodies documents, timing depends on how many candidates there are. You will all sit the test, and then get called out, usually one by one, to get your result. I was called in with another chap though. You won't get full results, but just whether you've passed or failed, and whether you can go for the job you chose, otherwise, other options will be discussed (not sure on the latter because I got my first pick).

    When you get called in, your CA will explain the next stage of recruitment; the eye test, and medical questionnaire. I got an AIB booklet too, depends what you're applying for. Ask any questions you like here, then your CO will tell you to go away to fill in the forms, and you won't hear from them for months.
  3. Thankyou for your help.
    Are the questions similar to the ones in the test booklet in terms of difficulty?
  4. Good luck with your RT. It has been said on here that the practice booklet is slightly easier than the tests but don't let that put you off. There are I believe five or six different sets of test papers and some recruiters maintain that the differing tests are harder / easier than others. However, thats all relative they should be in a round about way all of a similar standard.

    The important thing to do is to focus on the test. The worry of the test is far worse than doing the test itself. Keep an eye on the time. Answer all the questions you can. If you find yourself struggling move on and then go back at the end. Worst case scenario you have a 1/5 chance of guessing the correct answer if you are really stuck.

    Best of luck for Tuesday :lol:
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    This may help:

  6. my advise would be to end your social life until tuesday and practice on the websites Ninja_Stoker has posted, working strictly against the clock.

    i done my RT test last week and i wouldn't say the questions were very difficult (everyone's different) but its doing the 30 questions in each section within the time limit which i found a struggle.

    there are also some books that helped me out which Ninja_Stoker has suggested but it might be a bit late in the day to get them.

    hope this helps
  7. OK, just got back from my RT test:

    My result was the highest in the group apparently, 29/30 on maths, over 75% on mechanical understanding and over 75% on the first section (called spatial awareness or something), however I missed out on 1 mark on the English section (and I don't mean failed by 1 mark, I mean was 1 mark under the requirement for officers).

    I will resit it again in 10 months as the guy said, but so close yet so far.

    Unfortunately I cannot carry on and get other bits of paperork out of the way either, like the medical.

    I'll carry on with my uni' work and play the waiting game....10 months....
  8. Bad luck fella.

    I'm surprised you got any results back. I was told they were not allowed.
  9. Pilot1,

    English apart those results look very good.

    You state that your overall failure to meet the officer's requirement means a re-sit in ten months etc.

    If I am reading this correctly that also means that, until a pass at that re-sit has been achieved and allows you to progress to a medical examination then the issue of your aspergers condition ('mild') being acceptable or not for your preferred flying career in the RN will surely remain unresolved for some considerable additional time yet......

    In view of your circumstances and ambition it might be worthwhile seeing your AFCO again to establish the possibility of attending an initial medical examination as soon as possible now, rather than in ten months plus time.

    I know there are rules but it might be worth a try as a 'special case' and please note that I am implying nothing derogatory in making that suggestion.


    PS Having re-read your thread here:


    I would remind you of what Angry doc posted there, particularly regarding the possibilty of a referral, etc.

    From that thread, your post above and the current uncertain future of RN flying my personal feeling is that you should be seriously considering all of your other options, too.

    Sorry - No smilies - I am serious.
  10. I got told the results of my multiple-guess, so it can't be that uncommon. I will admit, though, that it was only because the chap marking it couldn't believe that not only had I answered every question, with time to spare, but that I had got all the answers correct.
  11. I'm happy to be stood corrected.
    However when I took it (which was in May so memory fade is possible), I did try and get an overall (maybe that was the difference) idea of how I did, but I was told they were not allowed to.
    I think I was told I did well in this or that, but a number was not given, merely a 'if you do not have the accreditation for your degree to be eligible for your wanted role, you can apply for any role or near as damn it in a rating capacity'
  12. Thankyou for the reply.

    Yeah the guy said that overall my results were the best of the group that done it the same time as me.

    Your perception is correct. Until I pass the RT I am unable to have a medical (I have phoned up to ask if I can still have a medical but they person said no, I don't know if it is worth trying again and asking for an 'initial medical'?

    I have been considering other options with news of a cut to flying in particular in the Royal Navy and the possibility that the 'Asperger's' may be a bar (though as you say I can be referred etc if they are not sure). However I have decided that if I do not get in to the RN then I will persue my education further and complete a Ph.D.


  13. Ah well - The best of luck with whatever plan: A, B or C.

  14. Thanks Bob.

    Thanks to everyone else who have given me advice about various things (particularly the medical question), however there isn't much I can do regarding my application so I (and I suspect people on here who want to know also) am simply going to have to wait quite a while before retaking the recruit test and finding out the medical 'answer' once and for all.

    I'll pop on here every now and again, but for 12 months, see ya...

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