RN ranks junior?

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Jimpy, Sep 7, 2010.

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  1. Can anyone out there tell me why, if we are the senior service are some of our ranks junior to the other services?

    Leading rank-lower than Cpl

    Midshipman-lower than 2nd Lt/pilot officer

    subbie-lower than Lt/flying officer

  2. Any chance of a link to the info source?

    And what the fcuk is a "Leading rank"?
  3. Used to have the same row with the crab Cpl's at Wyton, the usual answer was the Regs state subordinate to Military ranks of Cpl, so bootnecks and pongo's not Crabs.

    As as they are not in the military, just civvies in rig, they are subordinate to the brownies!!!
  4. Sub Lieutenants, midshipmen, pilot officers, Flying officers, 2nd Lieutenants and Lieutenants all come under NATO rank grade 'OF-1'

    Within that, according to the JSP's SLt's are actually the senior ranks, whereas Midshipmen are the junior rank with the crabs and pongo's being ranked up between those.

    Which I felt was interesting, no clue about the LH's being junior to Cpl' though.
  5. I'm pretty sure from my time out in Gib working in the comcen (both RN and RAF staff) that Cpl and leading hands are the same.


  6. Even if it wasnt true they would soon get bored of trying to pull rank on you. Just as pongo lcpls do with ABs and MNEs lol.
  7. The important thing to take away from this thread is that officially all ranks in the RAF (up to and including Air Chief Marshal) are to be addressed as 'stewardess'.
  8. A corporal is a "Superior officer" a LH is not!
  9. 8O A LH certainly came to be defined as a "Superior Officer" under certain conditions during my RN service.

    Are you now telling us that this is no longer the case?
  10. On herrick callig all pongos mate blow the rank of WO2 went down well for about 3 weeks until they got bored and stoped shouting about it lol.
  11. Almost as much fun as calling a Colour Sergeant 'Staff'.
  12. Yeah seen that done.
    Pongo cpl rocks up im here to see the staff sgt.
    We dont have any staff sgts here. You mean coloours dont you?
    No he was a staff sgt.
    Then you have the wrong place.
    No he was here.
    Ok (im getting bored by this point) wait around then.
    Im sure you can see how this ended, not well at all lol.
  13. Or:

    (Idiot) "Have you seen my respirator Staff?"

    (Colour Sergeant) "COLOUR, you fucking idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    (Idiot) "They're all black aren't they Staff?"

  14. Brilliant. I can understand navy and raf lads doing it. But what excuse do pongos really have?
  15. Having worked in Nato i.e. Afnorth Kolsaas Norway as a Chief I was an OR7 and believe that a Staff sgt army was OR8 and a FlightSGT also OR8,the yanks used to make up their bods to OR5 PO'S navy from what would have been our ABs,they were shite and I would have much sooner had an AB(RN) than any Yank OR5!!At least RN AB's could flipping type,do crypto and ship shore xx
  16. I didn't think the RN was subordinate to any ranks in the other services, there's still time to learn I suppose. lolz
  17. Morsehorse: Good one mate. Kolsas was the draft I always wanted and ended up in COMNAVSOUTH in Malta. Good old Andrew does it again. lol....
  18. He might be, but he's wrong. QR refers.

    On the other side of the coin I always used to chuckle at 'scale A' ABs claiming that they were the equivalent of military Lance Corporals - they are not.

    Again - it's all the in books.

    I've never been good at rocket science but this is a piece of piss.

    Edit - unlike my ability to spell 'piece'.

    Edit 2 - no morsehorse - Staff or Colours are OR7 - WO2s are OR8.
  19. If they 'get bored of' it they are failing in their duty.

    They have every right to 'pull rank' on an AB or Marine.

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