RN Publication: "A Global Force - Securing Britain's Future"


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'Navy News' (Oct 09 Edition) said:
If you need reminding of the importance of the RN and the sea to our nation's prosperity (I imagine there are a few here in RR that do), then there's a new publication supported by the Senior Service to get that message across.

Global Force 2009 was formally launched by First Sea Lord Sir Mark Stanhope at the Defence Systems Equipment International exhibition in London's Docklands.

Admiral Stanhope described the 110-page booklet, produced in conjunction with Newsdesk Communications, as a "clear and easy-to-read account of the day-to-day operations of the Royal Navy across the globe."

It casts its net across the entire spectrum of the RN/RM activities, including conflict in Afghanistan, the importance of protecting Britain's sea lanes, defending against aerial, seaborne and underwater threats, and the importance of the Trident deterrence.

The booklet is aimed at movers and shakers in society, such as inductry leaders, explaining what the Senior Service does - and why it is vital to the well-being of the nation.

A downloadable version is available for free from:

Royal Navy Publication: "A Global Force 2009 - Securing Britain's Future"

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