RN Photography: Defence Image Database

Chatting to a CPOA(Phot) this week, I asked him about the Peregrine Trophy (Winners due to be announced this month, he tells me) and we started talking about the RN Phots' work in general.

I was still thinking about our conversation when I saw some very good photographs of Bootnecks from 40 Commando on Facebook this evening and noted that they had come from the Defence Image Database. It actually contains some fabulous stuff and is worth a browse if you have a moment to spare:

The sad thing is, as a Phot if we get caught putting our images in any public domain then we are liable for prosecution under the crown copyright laws. However there is nothing stopping a none-Phot. Madness isn’t it.
For example; if I had my own website or facebook/my space etc, then I would not be allowed to upload any “work imagesâ€.
Personally I think it is shocking and I cannot see the harm as long as I wasn’t selling them or making any kind of profit from the images.

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