RN personnel leave Iraq for Kuwait as Baghdad deal collapses

You can take a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

There are more than enough USN and USCG available to fill the gap as far as training the Iraqi Navy is concerned so let's not lose any sleep over it and just count our blessings the guys can come home and we can start to close the book on the whole sorry Iraq experience.

Big problem for the Iraqis now is the defence of the OPLATS by their "Work In Progress" navy (plus Coalition support) and providing reassurance to international oil companies that the environment is sufficiently benign for them to continue putting their VLCCs alongside at Al Basrah Oil Terminal. Is our withdrawal also to include the removal of RN assets from CTF158?
Re: RN personnel leave Iraq for Kuwait as Baghdad deal colla

Well I hope that our troops are out for good. Wish the same would happen in Afghanistan.
Now how long is it going to take for Iraq to revert to tribal rule?
PoL - It's a pity you didn't get a later picture of them when they had both REALLY got into the Gurning thing - personally I think the young lad is just marginally ahead on points but Hilary is obviously gearing up for a particularly good "bottom lip over the nose" job!

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