RN Pensions for surviving spouse


Lantern Swinger
I wonder if anyone can help me with this.
I served 22 years and am in receipt of a full Chiefs Pension.
I was widowed in 2005 and received a pension from my late husband from the RN,I remarried last year and so had to forgo my late husbands pension.
For a spouse to receive a pension do you have to have been married to that person whilst serving,it is all very confusing
Not sure about the RN Morsehorse.
However when I worked as a field engineer for Molins many of the field engineers married much younger ladies (Flipflops, Thais etc.) The company were more than a little concerned thatthe pension fund in these cases could be paying to widows for a rather long time :p

Like yourself I did 22years and I remember having to purchase some back years to insure that my wife would get half my full pension on my death. If I hadn't paid it she would have only got the portion of my pension earned after a certain date.

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