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Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by Bucharestred, Sep 25, 2016.

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  1. Hi,

    Can anyone tell me if there is such a thing as an Armes Forces/RN Pension calculator that people who have already left the service can use to estimate approximatley what level of pension they may be entitled to ?

    Many thanks
  2. I think all the older calculators have been taken off line so only the new one is the only one available now. I guess it depends when you left to get an approximate figure from the new one as it shows 1975 / 2015 or 2005 / 2015 pensions now. The best thing to do it join the Forces pensions society, it cost £40 a year but they are very good and can help sort any problems you have. Obviously you don't have to keep the subscription once you have the info you need but they do this daily and are the best people to speak to.
  3. Hi Rb,
    Thanks for the FPS link, I'll give them a try.
    I left the service in 1989 after 12 years. Can you send a link to the "new" calculator you mentioned.
  4. This is the 2016 calc so not sure how much use it is for you.
  5. Tell me what you preserved pension award was and the exact date of your discharge and I will give you a steer.
  6. Hi Vauxhall,

    Thanks for trying to help.
    I am not sure as to my exact discharge date but it was in 1989. I joined in November 1977. At my discharge I was a Leading Hand.

    You also asked what my "preserved pension award" was, where would I get that information ?

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