RN officer wins two bronze medals at Commonwealth Games

The RN is obviously maintaining some of its 'skill at arms':

Lieutenant Keith Bowers is Fencing double Bronze Medallist
RN website 5 Oct 2010 said:
A Royal Navy Lieutenant has scooped two medals at the Commonwealth Games.

Representing Scotland in the Fencing Commonwealth Games in Australia, Lieutenant Keith Bowers claimed bronze medals in both the individual sabre and Scottish sabre team. The Fencing Commonwealth Games are held separately from the main Commonwealth Games and this year have taken place in Melbourne.

Lieutenant Bowers is currently serving on (sic) Dragon, the fourth Type 45 Destroyer, as the Deputy Weapon Engineer Officer. The Type 45s are the largest and most powerful Air Defence Destroyer ever built for the Royal Navy. Dragon was launched in November 2008, and Lt Bowers is part of the BAE Systems Surface Ships and MoD team preparing the ship for her first sea trials due next month...
Interesting to see that not everything is taking place in India.


War Hero
Good on him, Next time Russel Crowe makes a movie about Jack he could star in it.

Good to see the forces still support sportsmen.
Well done to him, but he hasn't won 2 Commonwealth Games medals - fencing is not currently included in the Commonwealth Games - he has won 2 medals at the Commonwealth Fencing Federation Open Championships.
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