RN Officer Question

I'm currently looking at joining the navy as an officer but before I start picking roles I thought I needed to clear something up.

When looking through the role pages on the career site I noticed that it said you needed qualifications in "non-overlapping subject areas". This is an issue for me die to having done an apprenticeship and so most of my significant qualifications are specific to my trade. My highest qualification is a HNC which is equivalent to a first year of an engineering degree course

Can anyone offer any insight as to if this would be an issue?

Many thanks in advance


War Hero
You need an Engineering Degree to join as an Engineering Officer. If you use the HNC to "top-up" to a degree, the HNC cannot count towards to UCAS element of the academic entry standards for Officer. You also need the 5 GCSE's A*-C regardless (including maths and English).

To join as a Warfare or Logistics Officer, as a degree is not required, the HNC can count toward the UCAS total but the GCSE's are still required.

You may well be eligible for the Engineering Technician Advanced Apprenticeship and your best bet is to call in to your local AFCO, taking all educational certificates with you.

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