RN officer lying dead, was thought to be drunk


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Even in my day, the OOD should have had the person checked every hour. After 2 hours of not moving, they'd have been roused and the medic called in. OOD should be done for negligence.
What is it with HMS Cornwall?

Poor lass, I expect the OOD thought she was drunk and to save a fellow junior officer from getting in the Shite failed to get medical assistance because he/she would have had to officially log the incident.....letting her "sleep it off" and a quiet word in her shell in the morning was probably the plan.

However the OOD is guilty of not checking on her, we had to check drunks every 10 mins if they where comotosed.


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It's hard to see how someone could be lying comatose/dead for 24 hours on a warship and no one noticing, especially after the OOD had been informed. It seems the OOD was not doing his job in ensuring the standard drunk checks were carried out, and did the dead officer not have a part of ship to attend at some stage, or messmates that would be looking for her, or even a steward coming to clean her cabin?

Having said that, it's dangerous to speculate on the basis of a newspaper article. There may be more here than is immediately apparent.
If anyone is found collapsed for any reason at work one of the first things we do is check the patients blood sugars to negate any diabetic problems. Easy, takes less than a minute and can help towards a definitive course of treatment.


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Always had the roundsmen flip them on their side in their pits on the hour every hour, stops them from drowning in their own spew... :thumright:
Erm, excuse me!

I was onboard the Fighting Ice-Cream at that time and Emma was my D.O.

All I will say is that she had a KNOWN back problem and was prone to sleeping on the deck of her cabin to ease it.
On the night she passed my friend knocked on her cabin door as it was open but the curtain was closed, he saw that she was asleep on the deck so he left her (as you would). There was no indication that she had been drinking. She was checked the following morning and it was then that she was found, he immediately called everyone to the scene to try to help her, but it was too late. NO-ONE assumed she was drunk!!!!! NO-ONE just ignored her!!!!! Her Death was totally out of the blue and no-one could have done anything unless they had known of her condition.

She will be sorely missed by me. I still have the 8s shirt she kindly put the badges on because she couldn't sit on watch seeing me butcher the sewing :)

Now PLEASE let her rest.

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