RN Mine Clearance Diver - PDA Dates

Hi All

My son has passed all the AFCO pre-reqs for mine clearance diver. However they're not able to give us a PDA date as yet. I suspect it may be into middle of 2015 but wondered if anyone knew better?



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I suspect you're right - unless someone cancels on an earlier course or the bubbleheads decide to put on a couple of extra PDAs. Trouble is there are finite places for entry - those passing PDA are usually allocated an entry date in the following term. ie: a March to Jun PDA pass would probably mean a Sept entry, a Sept-Dec PDA pass a Jan entry, etc.
Thanks Ninja - one more question if I can. I'm trying to figure out what written exams he might face when on the 20 week diving course so I can do some coaching if possible. Physical fitness isn't a prob as he did 18 weeks in Marines before coming out with injury - so would like to know about classroom type stuff if possible?


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