RN mightiest warship heads to Gulf

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by drewfester, Jan 7, 2012.

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  1. This deployment has been on the cards since the ship was launched. A non story. But it will be interesting to see what happens as the Iranians are planning a another naval exercise that roughly takes place when the Daring is due to enter the Persian Gulf. Also ex Shamal is taking place at the same time.
  2. So the first Type 45 Operational Deployment is routine is it?

    Getting DARING ready for this deployment has been far from a 'non-story' for the large number of people who have been involved in it.
  3. Only because it's such a poorly designed and built Warship. T23s have been doing this watch on stop on since 03, you'll forgive me if my heart doesn't bleed purple piss if someone else takes up the slack. At one point the mean time between deployments for the T23 community was 7 months, which would include an OST or DCT as well as all the other chuff we have to put up with.
  4. The type 45s are pointless in the Gulf in my opinion. They are still in a cold war state of mind (Thursdays wars the same since the 80s), they need to get with the times. Would be far better to have lots of smaller assault ships/boats, rather than a few large advanced ships.

    Even if Daring will be the most advanced ship in the Gulf, a swarm of small attack vessels could give her a serious headache.
  5. You are considerably out of date. Second World War MGB vs E-boat engagements in 'the narrow seas' have been consigned to history.

    Like all our warships, DARING and her ship's company (including her flight) will have undergone lots of training and BOST serials featuring attacks by FAC but her main role will be to sort out the air picture. Not for nothing was GLOUCESTER deployed upthreat in the NAG in 1991, alternating with USS BUNKER HILL, to screen out air threats from any friendly A/C failing to squawk on IFF when going 'feet wet' after raids on Iraq. Her splashing of the Iraqi Silkworm testifies to the success of her weapons and sensors, not to mention the unrivalled expertise of RN Ops Room personnel.
  6. No. Really, no.

    Anyway, more interestingly, why is half the ship's company on the flight deck in that photo, ballast?

  7. I think they're all watching the killick wem playing with his remote controlled Typhoon!!!
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  8. Hmmm I believe you are out of date with your knowledge going by that.

    The Thursday wars I've done recently are far different to the ones I did 14 years ago.

    So that blows your theory out already.

    Every turn of the shaft is a new adventure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  9. Purple_twiglet

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    Gents - this is RumRation - ill informed comment by people dodging coffins is encouraged. Fact is banned on the grounds its not good for morale.
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  10. The RN's mightiest warship is to go to the Gulf? What, they sending a V Boat down there are they?

    Standing by......
  11. They'd have to avoid the pinnacle in the middle of the Red Sea; just saying.....
  12. The RN vessel likely to give them the biggest headache is already there (having avoided any pinnacles), particularly if "Amadinnerjacket" starts getting too adventurous!
  13. I've been thinking about this - we used to have to aim to miss (if you know what I mean!) either the Hedgehog or the Porcupine Seamount. Please help me out one of you old Cold Warriors........?
  14. They should bolt a couple of GPMGs on Victory, send that ****** down there. Might take a few months to actually reach the Gulf though...
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