RN Mess kit for sale


Lantern Swinger
Baun & Co Original (when they used to make them good)

Trousers - 32" inside leg, 40" waist

jacket - well i am a 6'2" salad dodger - with a 48" chest and its "snug" on me, and the sleaves are a little too short - but i am in London and Derbyshire if you contact me you can come to either or i can meet you in between - you can try it on. its also quilted on the inside - perfect for you smokers who spend time stood outside in the cold

its got Lt (SCC) Lace sewn on (wavy)

Offers around the £80 mark.

Spare set of 1s for sale too - similar size - again - £80 - £90
you still got a wavy navy lts nos 1s for sale I need some 44 chest would fit and will just use the trousers I have.Just leaving the mob and joining a CCF RN unit all I need is the Nos 1s jacket ta.I realise its a while since you posted this but just trying TVM
Barney XRNSM
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