RN Medical and possible hold-ups/preemptive measures

Hi, new to RR/NN however I have been using the previous posts about AIB and BRNC as a very useful source of information to help make my decision.

I'm a Mechanical Engineer who has recently applied and am awaiting the AFCO arranging the initial recruit test. Assuming I pass this, this will lead on to the medical.

I have played rugby through school and in university, and with that comes the usual injuries, concussions, occasional tweaked knee etc. No broken bones though. Last concussion was last November, however all is well and I am in perfect health.

Is there anything that the medical guys will snag on? I'd rather go with previous doctor's letter in hand rather than delay the process further, I have heard that the time taken to review/get 2nd medical arranged is substantial and I would like to avoid delays if possible.

Any comments or experience with the medical would be appreciated.


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You'll be given an optician report form to book an eyetest and a medical questionnaire to complete, after passing the recruit test for your chosen job, if joining as an Officer. If you are joining as a rating, you will undergo the selection interview first.

All conditions declared on the medical questionnaire are likely to require further details from your GP, which will defer your medical suitability pending the production of the specific detail and decision regarding suitability. This includes injuries sprains, dislocations, fractures, torn ligaments, cartilage problems, bumps to the skull, periods of unconsciousness, visits to hospital, etc from many, many years ago. If you broke your little pinky aged two - they will require the medical record relating to it.

What you don't need is a broad-brush letter from your GP which vaguely lists the injury but states it is OK now. What you do need is specific detail including dates, circumstances, specific locations and detail of injury, recurrence, duration of recovery, treatment, restrictions, complications, mobility, etc.

Those with any history of asthma are best facing the fact there will be delays whilst the peak flow diary is undertaken and the questionnaire is completed by the GP. Those without any asthma history should follow the advice in the medical appointment letter to minimise delays.
Goodness, that may be quite a long list of things for the doctor to produce. Would a full copy of my medical records be more helpful to bring with me? I've almost lost track of what got sprained, when and whether I saw a doctor for it, it was that long ago.


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The medical appointment letter advises a direct copy of the medical records relating to the declared conditions. Don't go for a generic summary, detail is required.

The contracted company do not want your entire history, just the specifics.

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