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RN Medical - “Permanently Medically Unfit”



I recently had the results back for my medical and have been declared PMU after they referred it to a senior Doctor.

I wasn't actually assessed due to Covid-19, they are just going off my questionnaire and medical history in which I have a scaphoid fracture 4 years ago. They are saying because it is a “non-union” fracture and there was no surgery done on it I am therefore PMU.

I am currently in the process of putting forward an appeal with my recruiting officer, however just wanted to ask if anyone has had any experience in this or known of any cases where the appeal actually worked?

As you can imagine it is highly frustrating and disheartening finding out I will never be able to join the RN considering it has been my wish for a long time now.

It’s completely baffling to me that a fracture that has never once caused me any physical issues or pain has made me PMU. I have trained with heavy weights in the gym for these past 4 years, completed charity push up challenges all alongside a physically demanding job and not once have I ever had an issue, hence why I didn’t even pursue surgery in the first place (as the Doctor said there’s a possibility it could make it worse).

I’ve not currently got my hopes up with this appeal to be honest but any information would be appreciated.

Hi, can't answer your questions directly but I will point you to the search box top right of the home page. Type in your search, try to keep it brief, eg, 'Appeal' - 'scaphoid fracture' etc and see what you come up with. There are many posts in regards to appeals so there is bound to be something that may help.

Good luck. Many have joined following a successful appeal so don't despair.
@jsdoddy there is always hope until you get the final NO. Reading through this forum over a few years I have seen quite a few return to say their appeal has been successful. If you have your recruiters onside it is good sign as I doubt they'd waste their time fighting what looks like a lost cause. I have no medical knowledge whatsoever so I can't comment on your particular case but I can say keep your chin up as all is not lost yet.

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