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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Powder, Mar 2, 2010.

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  1. Hi,
    I see that there are a lot of clubs and sports that you are encouraged to take part in, if you join the Navy.
    However, are there classes such as Art/Photography classes, new languages classes and music classes / bands?

    I have been playing the guitar since I was 7 and absoloutly love it! I have also just recently started playing the piano and would like to continue with these. I also have a huge passion for Art and photography so it would be interesting if they had clubs or societies for these too?

    Quite an out of the box question, must admit, but hopefully will get a serious answer.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Many establisments have bands and photography clubs etc. They even had a wargamers club at Cottesmore, I suspect they had to use clip on beards and ponytails for that though.

    Language courses can be provided by base education centres and they will also help you find classes at local colleges and / or distance learning.
  3. If there isn't a club or organisation providing what you want, start one.
  4. Great stuff guys, thats what I really wanted to hear/read!

    Just one more question... Why doesn't EVERYONE join the RN? haha :lol:
  5. Thinking about your original question regarding guitar / piano. Some ships have a band. 814 Sqn had one for a bit who did a few good covers. They wouldn't have won any Grammys, but it was fantastic having them for ship's BBQs and piss ups etc. When you join your first ship, find out who else plays instruments, learn a few Oasis numbers and a couple of comedy ones and you will be the most popular fcukers onboard.

    At Raleigh you will have little time for such joviality but to keep your playing upto scratch, chat to your padre as most of the churches have a few old guitars knocking about and a piano for those happy clappy moments. I re-strung an old acoustic guitar when I was there and as a reward the bish sorted me out with loads of nutty and biscuits and let me borrow it whenever I had free time.

    As for other general interest clubs and societies, as long as you can find someone else who wants to do it with you then crack on. If you have a skill, it is always worth sharing it. I gave a few guitar lessons on one of my deployments and there was a Stoker who was giving French lessons. You can do language courses through Rosetta Stone for free while you are deployed, but having a real life French speaker made it much more interesting.

    Also if you are a biff then there is usually an officer onboard who will teach GCSE Maths and English so that you can improve your NAMET (lantern?) score. It is not unheard of for well educated JR's to teach academic subjects as well.
  6. So in theory I can make a club where we can go out on the smash and practice airbumming?
  7. There are already plenty of clubs and societies within the RN who practice this. I wouldn't bother starting another one. Just join one of the more mainstream RN stealth bumming clubs.

    I used to stealth bum for Portsmouth Flotilla and represented them at the Combined Services in 2004. Training sessions are held at Temeraire gym every Tuesday evening. Talk to your PTI if you are serious about it.
  8. That would be immense, I mean I'm only at civvy level at the moment. We tried it in Cardiff a couple of weekends ago with little success, unless success is guaged by being caught and causing a minor incedent with the humourless locals?

    Its certainly something Im looking into taking seriously what with the Olympics just over 2 years away.
  9. Here is the official stealth bumming facebook group. Look through the phots, see how many of the participants are Matelots. It is clearly a sport that finds it's origins within the RN, much like other sports we take for granted like flight deck hockey, 2 deck golf, cage fighting and gang rape.

  10. Gang Rape? Are there clubs for this too? I used to be in one when I was still living in London, but its not as big in Somerset? My nearest club is in Exeter apparently.
  11. There are a few groups who still meet up since the ban and it is still very popular in some rural communities. Some meets still operate drag rapes with limited success but I have seen whole packs of rape hounds have to be put down as there just isn't much use for them anymore.

    The Labour government forgets how much the ban has affected the farming industry and general countryside way of life.

    I went to the fight the ban march in London a few years back to show my support. Hopefully the Tories will reverse this stupid law when they come to power.


  12. Just another nail in Broones coffin...
  13. Sounds good! Im not sure what NAMET/Lantern scores are? Havent heard of them and I got good GCSE's results anyway :)
    And hopefully BRNC Dartmouth not Raleigh ;)
    It sounds pretty much like how I imagine Uni to be like. Find some people who are like you, that you like and start jamming.

    How long have you been playing for? Were you in a band? I like playing because I enjoy it, not because I want to be the next hendrix or Beethoven. :)
  14. I've been playing guitar (electric, acoustic and bass) for as long as I can remember. My dad plays and I grew up with loads of guitars knocking about the place, one day I think I just picked one up and taught myself. I never had any lessons and basically learnt by watching the old man and playing to records. I still can't read music but I can play by ear.

    I dabbled with bands when I was younger but since I joined the mob at 16 it has been fairly difficult finding people who are in the same place for long enough and now I am a civvy, I am too busy with work and having a missus etc. I played a few gigs on ships with other musicians but these were always just one offs that we rehearsed for the same day. Most of my playing was the odd jam sesh during an off watch or sat down the mess or on a beach during a piss up.

    Like you I play because I enjoy it and I find it relaxing. I also find it is great way of impressing the chicks. ;)

    I'd recommend getting a cheap (sub £100) electric guitar and a little practice amp for onboard. I bought a Squire Strat from cash converters for on ship which I still have. Don't take a decent guitar onboard, eventually it will get knocked over / beer spilt on it / your drunk oppo will want a go / sand from the beach will get in it / someone will stow for rounds etc. as I found out with my Les Paul. :( Also don't bring a guitar straight onboard, wait until you have been onboard for a week or two and you know you definitely have somewhere safe to keep it. Generally there will not be space in the mess for it. Mine used to live in the 4.5 control room which incidentally was my daily place of work. :D

    I highly recommend a Pandora PX4 by Korg which is a small effects processor and drum machine which is about the size of a fag packet. It fits in your locker easily, sounds great and you can attach it to any amp or speakers, even a computer. Best of all you can play your ipod through it so you can jam along. It is absolutely perfect for Matelots who play guitar. I have relinquished my much more expensive rack mounted effects processor now in favour of this which is simpler to use, considerably cheaper, takes up much less space and does more stuff!


    Edited to add: NAMET and Lantern are the Maths and English tests that ratings with shit GCSE's have to take in order to get promoted in order to prove they aren't mongs.
  15. Cheers 2DD, that looks awesome. I have a squire strat - was my first guitar. Will definitly note not to take the ovation on board. Mind you, I am sure you could pick up a nice Gibson Hummingbird for peanuts from places like Singapore/China haha.
    And yes x2 on impressing the laaddiiess. Works a treat haha 8)
  16. South Korea is the place for mega cheap guitars.

    A nice Epiphone Les Paul Custom was about £120 with a case compared to around £500 here. If I'd had the space, I would have bought 10 and ebay'd them when I got back.

    All the ones I saw in China were definitely fakes. 'Gibsun' anyone?

    Seriously, don't take any guitar you value onboard, get a second hand dog from cash converters. I have seen guitars whacked on bulkheads, thrown in the air, smashed up Pete Townshend style, dropped, sprayed with beer / other booze / bodily fluids, thrown down hatches, knocked over during rough seas and drowned in floods.
  17. +1 for the Pandora. They're a great bit of kit. I used to live in a shared house and the other residents weren't too keen on me cranking the 4x10 HotRod Deville so I invested in one of those. Was really impressed with the loop feature that allows you to slow a segment of the song down without altering the pitch, great stuff for nailing those awkward little riffs. (Black Dog anyone? :lol:)

    60th Anniversary Strat (Limited edition, only made for a year), modified Mexican Tele,
    Cry Baby, Big Muff, Boss DD3,
    HotRod Deville 4x10.
    Martin 000M with Fishman rare earth single coil pup.

    Won't be taking any of that away with me, much to the pleasure of me auld man who gets to look after them for me :p
  18. While not wanting to hijack this thread into another what guitars do we own..............ah fcuk it :D

    My collection:

    Early Squire Strat, not sure which year but I'm told it's a good one, I think it's Japanese.
    Crafter Electro Acoustic, which I play more than anything else, bought with my first pay cheque from the mob.
    1980 Gibson Les Paul Firebrand.
    1959 Gibson SG bass which unfortunately has been fcuked around with considerably and is now worthless but it still plays nice.
    A battered old Squire Jazz Bass which a friend gave me.

    I run it all through the PX4 which is attached to some 40watt laptop speakers with a sub which I got from a carboot sale (see my Pikey thread). I can get pretty much any sound I want through this and any cnut who says an old Vox valve amp sounds better than a digitally recreated one is a twat. Much like the Vinyl vs MP3 argument.

    Dream guitar is a PRS or a Custom Shop Les Paul.

    I can't remember who it was on here, but someone has an amazing collection of vintage guitars that puts everyone else's completely to shame I can't seem to find it on the search function, anyone want to own up to it?
  19. Heh, digital vs valve, bring it on. Personally I'm a valve man and love the way a guitar sounds minus any digital effects inbetween (mmmmmmm, SRV) but I still enjoy messing about with stuff like the EHX Guitar Hog Synth. I just like crazy noises too much to completely rule out the joys of digital modelling. I had a go on that "guitar rig" one time, very impressive. Very much a "want".

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