RN leads mine clearance operation off Iraq and Kuwait

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Naval_Gazer, May 18, 2008.

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  1. It is now ten days since news of this significant achievement was announced on the Janes Defence website (link) and there is now an article on the RN website (link). To date, nothing has appeared in the mainstream press.

    These photos of operations are among those on militaryphotos.net:







  2. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Please explain to me what the effin hell that rank slide is. And the shoulder patch?????

    Is it a 2 Star Diver??? Why would a Rear Admiral Diver be out on Ops?????

    That photo sums up what is wrong with the Diving Sub Branch.

  3. I'll thank you to show more respect for one of our more senior qualified divers. Haven't you met Rear Admiral Jack Effingan-Blindinham before?

    The Bomb Disposal shoulder flash is worn by EOD personnel of all three services. Indeed, the joint-service EOD Team in Basra is currently commanded by an RN officer (link).


    (Edited to avoid expressing my thoughts about someone more fixated about scraps of cloth than the fantastic job these guys are doing.)
  4. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    I'll give you the should patch. I thought it was supposed to be EOD. Can live with that.

    But the rank slide is still grips me.
  5. IIRC, they use the term "bomb disposal" is used on uniforms and vehicles in the UK because its more easily undersood by Joe Public than "EOD".
    Whilst the divers are no doubt doing sterling work in the NAG, they are being supported by fellow matlows from ALL branches. I somehow doubt that the ET(ME)s who are maintaining there kit have gone to the trouble and expense of getting special badges emroidered.
    In reply to the OP, it is a shame that this op is not being better publicised by the part time heroes of the RNR media ops branch.
    (Drops hatch and dons ear defenders)
  6. Scale "A" Diver
  7. So if I was still in the mob would I be a Scale 'A' Radar Plotter Leading Seaman or a RP2. That is of course using my old trade description not OM or what ever it is now. Also would I wear my single fouled anchor or a RP2's(Scale'A') as a rank slide or maybe both.

    It really does show how silly this badge business is getting.

  8. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    I share your frustration however they are wearing them in Phase 2 training as well...

    Don't get me wrong, I fully support the Diving branch (I'm a recreational bubblehead) however their own idea on what shoulder flashes and epaulettes they should wear really takes the piss. I've seen multiple variants on guys in the same Diving Unit!

    If they're AB's, then they should wear the Royal Navy epaulettes that ALL AB's of ALL branches are issued with.
  9. Nutty, since the RN has abolished the Ord rate/rank, at least the stars indicate the standard of skill achieved as an AB. From Wikipedia (link):

    So the slide showing one star above the Diver sub-branch logo and one star below is indicative of the status of the diver in the photo as an AB, i.e. qualified for Leading Rate (Scale "A" as AFJ has pointed out). On uniform like CS95 which lacks the facility to show branch badges and stars, I don't see why this isn't adopted throughout the RN so one can differentiate between a 'nozzer' AB and one passed for killick. The other services certainly have a wider range of ranks to choose from.

    But back to your point. In some ways I was sad to see the removal of the old system that separated left arm rate from right arm SQ because trade skills don't always align with leadership and management abilities. I remember certain three-badge ABs who were fantastic RP2s and FC2s but couldn't hold on to a higher rate for toffee.
  10. Well i hope they are better than that lot that lost that WW2 bomb just off Felixstow a week or two ago!!!!
  11. If you mean the lot that removed the UXB as a hazard to the town then detonated it safely at sea (admittedly after a lifting bag sling snapped forcing them to relocate it), they dealt with another one off Burnham-on-Crouch two days ago (link) but without quite the same level of publicity. Just like the hundreds of others they handle each year.
  12. thats the one,the one they lost, twice!!
  13. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    As has been said before they forgot the basics. Fix mirror to bomb that way no one ever takes their eyes off it.

    But joking (sort of) aside I have great respect for the Divers sub branch and all the work they do. Couldn't do it myself, I panic when doing life raft drills on ISSC and water gets on my face. BUT I do not like their rush to be some sort of elite unit who need to be different. They are Divers and don't need to big themselves up. The whole separate rate slide business is a gripper. I try and enforce dress regs as we are part of a discipline service but struggle to explain to the lads and lasses why divers can wear mixed rig minus headgear in the dockyard and their own made up slides.

    I would like to know if it is official policy.
  14. Naval Gazer, thanks for these super photographs, it shows the Navy is at lleast doing something. We seldom get positive media coverage for the RN since all that negative crap over RN captives by Iran last year.

  15. Thanks bl_ue. Good to see someone else sharing the well-deserved sense of achievement that must be felt by the ships' companies of HM Ships Atherstone, Chiddingfold, Ramsey and Blyth instead of bickering over a scrap of fabric.

    Here are two more pictures from the operation:


  16. Good to see Remus AUV's getting some good photo action!

    AUV's have no strings attached
  17. Bubble heads are as the worst offenders for wearing mixed / nosh rig, but at the end of the day it's an environment their line managers have fostered and encouraged, much the same way the SA's always have the Gucci cold weather gear, specs have rigging sets like bat man or pin & shackle badges on deployment ovies.

    We're all a bit threaders with loosing our badges to the nosh, missile / torpedo / spark crap, but in the whole scheme of things, is it a biggie that some Killick bubble head has brought a nosh badge to wear?

    As previously mentioned its good to to see the MW world getting some press as its one of the few branches who have a real world full time job.

    Well done them ( including the mixed rig, hair gel wearing, oxygen thief, spud tankey, Cox'n's little cheubs!)

  18. I always made every effort to get on with the muppets onboard. I never let the inter branch rivalry banter get OTT. Banter, yes. Being a ****, no.

    You however sound like one bitter ******* 2 deck cleaning supervisor. Get a grip.

    Did you fail diving course???
  19. I liked working with Divers, get them off a ship and they are the most professional bunch of guys ( and a lass now) They definitely know how to look after each other on Ops and ashore, my last draft was in a small team of MW deploying away, sometimes with Divers, and we had an awesome time.

    AUV's have no strings attached
  20. You joined as I was leaving. Know exactly who you are. Yes that team was good.

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