RN In The Pacific WW2

Hello all, can any anyone point me in the direction of some history books on the Royal Navy in the Pacific in World War2
Any replies gratefully received.


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Library? Big building with loads of books in it, or you could try Waterstones. It's very similar but you have to pay for the books.
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Hi Zero_impact

There are so many, but i would recommend John Costellos - The Pacific War (1981). It would help if you could narrow the search, which particular aspects are you looking at?
Another good one, early Pacific theatre is 'Battleship, the loss of the PRINCE OF WALES and REPULSE' - Middlebrook and Mahoney (1977)
Can recommend John Winton 's
''The Forgotten Fleet'' covers all the British operations and ships in the Eastern Fleet and the Pacific Fleets. Best part aswell its readable to make it interesting.

You may be able to get a second hand one quite cheaply -try Amazon
its ISBN 0-9514480-0-5 my copy is the 1993 reprint.

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