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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by rum_rat, Jun 20, 2007.

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  1. As we were in 1960's

    5 x aircraft carriers.
    2 x commando carriers.
    2 x polaris subs.
    3 x Fleet subs.
    43 x Diesel subs.
    2 x Assault ships.
    3 x Cruisers.
    6 x Guided missile destroyers.
    16 x Destroyers.
    71 x Frigates.
    1 x Minesweeper support ship.
    2 x Helicopter support ships.
    1 x Ice patrol ship.
    1 x Heavy repair ship.
    3 x Sub parent ships.
    1 x Destroyer depot ship.
    6 x Maintainance ships.
    5 x Survey ships.
    7 x Survey craft.
    75 x Coastal Minesweepers.
    25 x Inshore minesweepers.
    7 x Coastal minelayers.
    5 x Tank landing ships.
    30 x Tank landing craft.
    60 x Minor landing craft.
    10 x Experimental vessels.
    7 x Fast patrol boats.
    7 x Seaward defense boats.
    19 x Fleet supply ships.
    35 x Fleet oilers.
    28 x Boom defense vessels.
    7 x Ocean salvage vessels.
    6 x Coastal salvage vessels.
    2 x Cable vessels.
    12 x Fleet tenders.
    15 x Armament carriers.
    20 x Water carriers.
    80 x Fleet berthing tugs.
    130 x service craft.

    Personnel stood at 104,000 today its 28,000.
  2. That we aren't at the equivalent for the modern day is probably large part due successive Labour governments and then the end of the Cold War, then 10yrs more of Labour, as you may no doubt have noticed; not that the alternatives recently have produced much of an alternate programme for the Fleet (singular).
    Buggered are we as a nation and a Service if this continues onwards, as we've all said at least three times before...

    Vive a Cold War Mk2?


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  3. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    And for a bonus point, who can name them all? :)
  5. And your point is?????

    Incidentally, why in current affairs?
  6. It really does make depressing reading. Perhaps we don,t need as large a navy as the Yanks, or as in 1960 but only a moron could say things haven't gone too far. With the impending change in PM I thought the following would be of interest to Mr Brown who apparently, takes much inspiration from Winston Churchill! What do think of this Gord?

    "Nothing, nothing in the World, nothing that you may think of, or anyone else may tell you, no argument, however seductive, must leave you to abandon that Naval Supremacy on which the life of our Country depends"

    Winston Churchill 1918.

    I think Winston would turn in his grave if he knew what had been done to the Royal Navy. I can only hope Mr Brown really does take inspiration fro Winston.
  7. I think we'd be in the shit if the tories had got in 1997, let alone Labour. The MoD would have been sold off to a private defence programme.
  8. Loved Spotter's Winston quote. I like to think of myself as a optimist but even with the best will in the world, I can't have any faith in either political party ever restoring our Fleet to its former levels or its true potential. The politicians are all a bunch of slack jawed faggots when it comes to making any meaningful decisions, for fear they may upset some bloody minority group. They didn't learn their lessons after the logistical nightmare of the Falklands and, even today with Iraq, Afghanistan in full swing and global threats everywhere they still haven't learnt a thing. Apart from ex and serving military personnel most of the nation couldn't give a toss either. The average civvy in the street is too self obsessed and materialistic to even give the armed forces a thought. Hasn't it dawned on these people that freedom isn't free at all - and that it costs in blood and treasure?

    Bottom Gun
  10. Ah, those were the days.
    I knew our Navy was run down but when I sailed out of Pompey harbour on the ferry to Le Havre two years ago, I just couldn't believe how bad it was.
  11. Someone help me.
    Can only get 4 of the carriers

    Ark Royal

    wot was the fifth

    the 2 commando carriers


    The Triumph was out the Far Flung and although she looked like a carrier she was used as accommodation and helped with AMPs and had workshops all over her flight deck so in aint her. I need to get a life!!

  12. HMS Hermes
  13. deleted - not with it today :oops:
  14. Using calculating methods employed by the !st SL in 2007 launch of HMS Daring his predecessor had 678, yes six hundred and seventy eight ships under his command. But to be fair only 150 of these were vessels that could operate in the front line and 48 were submarines and two were commando carriers. So he had an operational fleet, if all ships were serviceable of 100.

    But then nobody had suggested he could make up any shortfall by using RFA Tankers and Stores ships to Patrol around Borneo, Malaya, Singapore, Aden, and East Africa so saving on expensive warships with guns and things.

  15. Even more interestingly the fat overstaffed RN of the 60's with its 678 ships and 100000 personnel against the 130 ships and 20,000 personnel managed to run this fleet, with 29 large vessels between 10,000 and 50,000 tons against the current 6 large vessels, major bases in Portsmouth, Devonport, Rothsyth, Chatham, Singapore and lesser bases in Simonstown, Gibraltar, Malta, Aden, Hong Kong, Sydney, Halifax NS, Faslane, Londonderry, Portland and Bermuda. Radio Station just about every where and at least 10 NA Stations. (Please remind me if I have left any out) Training Establishments for each branch with at least 8 in the Pompey area alone. Three major RN Barracks and at least one PO Jack Dusty (S) driving a slops wagon around the North of England and Scotland on 147 men per vessel.

    Meanwhile our lean and mean modern navy with lean manned units, outsourced training, few shore bases and no Hospitals need 166 people per vessel.

    Something not quiet right here.


    Yes its a simplification but the root message is there.
  16. Staistics are a dangerous thing Nutty, a Leander had a crew of 250, but a Type 23 has a crew of 160. An O Boat had a crew of 64 and an Upholder when we had them a crew of 44. The reality is that in 1960 we had many more minor warships, remeber all the minesweepers, patrol boats etc as well as the many boats, all with crews well below the avareages you quote. The modern RN does have much lower crew sizes than the one we knew and loved.
  17. So what are all the others doing sitting around on their arses, on H & S courses????? that is the point of my question. LWE's Thursday to Tuesday off crew on a Aircraft Carrier.


    PS I did not say that was the average crew but that was the average personnel per vessel.
  18. deleted - not with it today apologies :oops:
  19. Even if you take the measure of personel per vessel the preponderance on minor war vessels then, 100 minesweepers for a start, does distort your averages just a trifle

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