RN in Ceylon & India WW2 - My Dad served there.


First post for me.

My late father served in WW2 in the RN as an Able Seaman PTI. During his lifetime he talked little of it and whilst he didn't, as far as we know, see action, I would like to gain more understanding of his service.

Hope someone can point me to some references.

After some gunnery training he was transferred to become a PTI and spent most if not all his time in Ceylon and India. He talked of being based at Trincomelee in Ceylon but also of serving at Wellington Barracks which is close to one of the famous Hill Stations in southern India called Ooty.

He said that Wellington Barracks served as a R & R location - was this just RN or tri-service? His duties included acting part time as a military policeman ! He said this was usually patrolling at night to scoop up drunk servicemen who had overdone the second R in R & R !!

He returned home after VJ Day in HMS Indefatigable

Thats about the sum total of my knowledge!

Can anyone throw anymore light or provide links to references about the RN at these locations -particularly the role of Wellington Barracks in WW2?


The Barracks still exists - now one of the Indian Army Officer training centres.


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Ooty is Ootacamund. In the days of the Raj it was where people retreated to from Madras in the hot season. It is also, which is no help to you, but it is to sales of colour TV, where snooker was invented.
No I do't yet. In fact today I have been researching how to go about retrieving this from the MoD, so will be downloading the necessary forms to apply.
My father was posted to India with the RAF and won the Second World War. The Japanese surrendered three days after his arrival but they left him there for another two years just to make sure.


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The RN shore bases in Trincomalee during WW2 were:
HMS Bambara - RNAS Trincomalee.
HMS Highflyer - Shore base, Trincomalee.

Regarding Wellington Barracks, India, occupants there were:
1938 - 1941 1st Bn. The Royal Inniskillings Fusiliers.
1941 - 1942 2nd Bn. The Worcestershire Regiment.

The Madras Regimental Centre, Wellington Barracks.
Link: Official Website of Indian Army=

You just need to print off and complete these two forms and send them to Portsmouth with a copy of the Death Certificate and £30:


Have sent off the forms and received a reply to the effect that they have found Dad's Service documents but they are located in several places so could be a delay in getting them to me. Progress!!
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