RN Implications for next Gen Election

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by angry_mac, Jul 27, 2008.

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  1. I not going to spout on about my own politics, but just putting a hypothesis out there.I know 2 years is a long time in politics, but if the landscape stays as it is.

    Labour is absolutely trumped in the elections, with Tories winning by a landslide in England, with only Labour remaining strong in its core Welsh and northern seats. SNP have destroyed labour in Scotland with a majority of seats now being held by the nationalists.
    Cameron now relying on SNP to carry his policies through in Westminster makes a deal with Alex Salmond.
    Tories cede all taxation and economic policy in Scotland to the SNP, giving Scotland its independance in all but name.In return the Scots now have no say in Westminster policys. The Monarchy/Armed Forces are still maintained with Scotland, but with SNP being a pro nuclear disarmenant party. Trident is to be removed from Faslane. As the Scottish MPs no longer have power to vote in the Westminster house, English MPs vote to pull Navy out of Scotland, so safeguarding Plymouth and Portsmouth. The logistics involved in moving Trident, forces government to review Future Trident. Trident is shelved, our ICBM capability is lost, with only Astute and new Generation Frigate carrying Tactical Nuclear Tomahawk.
  2. Are you still pissed?
  3. Sorry Streaky, sausage fingers mashed submit buttin instead of carrying on with dit.
  4. The SNP are the only viable alternative to Labour, so if you want to kick nu liebour's butt, that's the way you have to vote.

    Independance is another matter. That smug sh*t Salmond daren't put it to a referendum because he knows he'd get his butt kicked as well.

    To be quite honest, most people I know would vote to get rid of that shower of numpties in Edinburgh if they were asked.

    When the numpties came into being, they were casting round for something to do when someone noticed that fisheries were a reserved subject. The fact there was a perfectly good RN fishery squadron taking care of it was no excuse, it was a Scottish affair now.

    So they built some ships and crewed them up using more taxpayers money.

    All to try and justify their existence.

  5. Don't confuse the vote for the SNP as a vote for independence.

    As Streaky says, it's not - it's by and large a vote against Labour.

    The best the Tories can hope for at the next election regarding their standing in Scotland is to gain only a foothold of maybe two or three seats, but no more.

    The only effective way to get Labour out of a Scottish constituency is to vote SNP. Would I do that? Maybe, but I sure as hell wouldn't vote for independence.
  6. There is absolutely one certain thing:
    No government of whatever colour properly supports the armed forces. The forces are at the beg and call of their political masters; who when the job is finished will run as far as possible from any financial or social implication in the matter.
    It has been that way since time began and will no doubt continue.
  7. I could never bring myself to vote for the SNP, even if it would give my MP, Gordon Brown, a black eye (metaphorically).

    Many years ago, my sister (who probably votes Liberal) asked me how I had voted. I told her I had voted for the Nationalists. She seemed very surprised, and said "Oh, I didn't think you'd vote SNP."
    "Not the Scottish Nationalists" I said. "A load of us registered as postal voters in Bermondsey, and we all voted BNP." I replied, casually.

    She was nearly apoplectic, and I allowed her to believe my story for a couple of days before admitting it was a wind-up. She still does not know how I vote, and has never asked again.

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