RN hooded sweatshirts


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Not sure where to post this, but here goes...

I'm looking for a replacement RN hooded sweatshirt (the kind you can get in the Raleigh shop, with a white naval crown on the back) as the one I've got is slightly done (7 years later...) but I don't know where (apart from Raleigh) I might get one.

Anyone know of a source? If not, does anyone have contact details for the Raliegh shop?

Cheers la



Lantern Swinger
I dont know if it's the same one you're talking about, but the hoodies at BRNC sound pretty similar (St Vincent one the crown in white, Cunningham is red)

So if you know anyone at the college you should be able to get one?


War Hero
Yes it would be great to have a place to buy some of these things. I would like a bath robe with the RN crown. Is there an RNA outlet in Oz for these things does anyone know. Lot of goodies on the Navy news site but too much FA to bother with credit cards and crap like that


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