RN Historical Research - Help Sought

Can anyone possibly help me to get a temporary loan of BR 134 'Hits and Misses' - 1968 to 1982, the collection of anonymous incidents of various kinds involving RN ships, please? I stress this would be 'rewarded' and all above board. This is in the public domain now, but I am too far from The National Archives to organise a visit, and The British Library doesn't even have a copy. If a price is negotiable for a straight sale, all the better, but return by registered post would otherwise be guaranteed. Many thanks indeed. George - ex-Rothesay, Fife, Britannia, Bristol.


For anyone researching Naval History, Genealogy etc, there's an incredible site at naval-history.net.
It's packed with facts and figures of all things Naval, with, eg, lists of Officers and Ratings who have died, with ONs, ships, dates etc; info on ships, battles, anything and everything.
Sorry, can't help with the BR 134, although the title reminded me of listening to The Navy Lark on a crackly radio in the EXCELLENT Mess back in the late 60s, and 'Left hand down a bit' etc, etc.
Happy days.