RN Graduate Scheme - Past Medical OD


Hi, I am finishing up my Engineering degree at Bristol University early next year and have my eyes set on the RN Graduate scheme.
I realize that only medical examiners can give me a definite answer however I don't think it would hurt to ask users here with experience. I've gone through the eligibility and qualifications page and I meet all criteria given however one line regarding past medical conditions troubles me.
Around 12-13* years ago I dealt with depression due to significant events (being kicked out of own home, grandfather dying) I made a rash decision and attempted suicide by overdose.
From what I understand this counts as being one instance of self harm. I managed to overcome this down period without the use of prescription drugs but I fear this will impact my application.
I also had eczema around that time which was treated with steroid cream however it has not appeared again since and due to the amount of time passed should not be an issue from what I gather.

*Currently 28 years old

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