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Well hello all. I am here as I have recently decided to fly in the Navy instead of RAF. I have my RAF Aptitude test in the AFCO in two weeks but im not going to cancel. Ill see how that goes. But I have now released my true passion is flying for the Navy. Just a few questions if you dont mind from the lovely minds of experience and wisdom.
Can I still apply for the Navy even though I am currently doing a application to the RAF. (reason being, if I pass the aptitude for RAF AND NAVY I would go navy, but if I were to fail Navy and pass RAF etc.)
Is it slightly different getting in the RAF and Navy or exactly the same?
Are Navy pilots more needed that RAF pilots?

Thanks in advanced

Both services need pilots and last time I checked neither were short of applicants. Having applications for both will not be an issue although you may need to explain why at the selection interview.

Assuming you are selected for both, the vast majority of pilots in the RN get streamed rotary. F-35 (assuming we get it) requirements will probably not start to affect the RN for a while and I suspect won't increase demand much beyond what the RN needs now for NSW. Likewise, RN pilots who don't quite make the single seat requirments have in the past sometimes completed a tour on RAF F3s or GR4s to gain experience and capacity.

In the RAF, it is far more varied and dependant upon needs. You may be top of your course but still go rotary if that's where the need is. Equally, if you don't make the grade as fast jet, you could easily end up flying rotary or multi engine as we have far greater need for pilots than the RN. However, I suspect that the next few years will also see the first ab initios being streamed UAS due to the increasing need for MQ-9 Reaper (and other UAS) pilots.

Best of luck in whichever service you opt for.

FATs for RN and RAF are identical - there is a slight difference in the way the final scores are generated, I think, but the testing is the same. A lad I know had already completed RN FATs when he applied for the RAF, and on his second time at Cranwell for RAF OASC he sat the first day out while the rest did FATs.

Given that the UK has not yet even committed to the F-35 in terms of an order, you can safely assume that anyone applying now will not get streamed F-35 after EFT. The F-35 will always be part-manned by the RAF, too.

A small number of very good first tourists who have gone RW may well get the AIR 309 course (conversion from RW) to go FJ once the F-35 gets closer to introduction, as they'll need some guys with more experience, but it's certainly not a route to the F-35 that you could bank on.

If you really want to fly FJ then join the RAF, where you'll have at best a 25% chance of that route. In the RN I'd guess it's nearer 10%.
Wow.. I really didnt realise that odds of getting in were that low. Oh well, fingers crossed. Ive been swotting big time on my maths and science (GCSE memory lapse:p) I always beleived if you want something enough, reach out and get it. Well thanks alot for everyones information and opinions. Wish me luck
Detonate - so long as you get a 130 FATs or above then you are in with a chance of FJ. Your performance at DEFTS is far more important than your FATs, though if they had a choice of two identical candidates I guess the one with the higher FATs would make it through.
airborne_artist said:
Detonate - so long as you get a 130 FATs or above then you are in with a chance of FJ. Your performance at DEFTS is far more important than your FATs, though if they had a choice of two identical candidates I guess the one with the higher FATs would make it through.
Well thanks for the information. I would assume that 130 is of a very high intelligence? Or maybe just a certain/logic way of thinking, I kind of figured that Speed/Time/Distance needs to be perfect though. I am taking my RAF aptitude test first as its already booked. Im fairly intelligent but my brain does seem to let me down sometimes. Im just wondering what kind of things pilots are generaly good at, maybe it will give me a inclining to see wether or not this is just a mere dream or almost reality
FATs give you a score for each of P, O and ATC. I believe that 170 is top, so roughly:

>150 - very good
140-150 - above average
130-140 - average (which means good enough, in current terms)
120-130 - below average, and not quite good enough, right now.
112-120 - technically a pass, but as above

As I may have said on this thread - there's a lad (Blimy I think) who got 120 on RN P FATs and did not get a BRNC place. He has since got an RAF P place, though.
Wow.. I thought it would be far more difficult in all honosty(FAT). I beleive I am at least average with a certain degree of confidence (seriously not blowing my trumpet). I do understand that there is far more to selection than just the FAT and once you get in, basically working your nuts off. You have really given me the confidence I think I needed. I cannot thank you enough, also any advice on what specifically to brush up on? Fractions/decimals/Speed,Dist,Time/mechanics etc.. or is it just a "all-round" high score
It's not that easy to forecast your FATs, to be honest, unless you know you have Carol Vorderman's numeracy skills combined with Lewis Hamilton's hand-eye-brain co-ordination. Wait and see, and don't assume anything.

You also have to pass AIB, of course.....
Of course.. I do have more confidence.. But not the confidence for me to think of my self safely in:p. What I meant was I know I do have a chance however big or small. I do have a good 10 years martial arts experience behind me, so I do think I have good Hand-eye-quick thinking brain coord:p
Im just coming accross as cocky now. I do apologise, it is hard to word what I mean

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