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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by sophi21, Jun 4, 2009.

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  1. Hi all im new to all this started my process of joing this week :) just wanted to know more info on the eye test as i dont have very good eye sight and want to know my chances of getting in before i go any further. im -6 in left and -12 in right blind i know :S i want to join as a steward please help me!!!!
  2. :roll: :roll: Keep your eyes on the wall,and read along. Did you pass?????? http://usera.ImageCave.com/scouse/kmc086(1).jpg
  3. I have my eye test this afternoon. im applying for MA ans im blind as a bat so im really crossing my fingers my eyes dont let me donw :crosses fingers:

    good luck for ure eyes: )
  4. cheers for that scouse lol good luck Rolotp hope you pass, if you can tell me how much you have to read and what else they ask you to do would be really great to know :)
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Try the search button on the top right hand side, there is lots of information on the site if you spend a bit of time looking for it.
  6. I also have bad eyesight, but i got VA3, which i was very lucky to pass, just scraped it infact.

    Your saying that your right eye is -12, that looks a bit concerning as you look at the VA3 standard.

    you need to get VA3 to be a steward, as it logistics

    Standard 3 (VA3)

    Visual acuity to be achieved without correcting lenses Right 6/60, Left <6/60

    Visual acuity to be achieved with correcting lenses EITHER Right 6/6N5, Left 6/24N10 OR Right 6/9N5, Left 6/18N10 OR Right 6/12N5, 6/12N10.

    Refraction limit
    Spectacle correction (in any meridian)
    +/- 6.00 sphere or cyl

    Below VA3, unacceptable for Naval service.

    As it says the limit for both eyes is -6, are you sure you are -12, if it is then unfortunatly i dont think you will achieve the VA3 standard, but am no optician at the end of the day

    Look at what i have highlighted
  7. I would await for someone like angrydoc or the afco's to you more reliable advice
  8. your saying am not lol, no just joking, yes best bet is to wait for someone who knows all about it
  9. Thank you anyway, but i was born with my condition, just sucks if thats the case cause i can do a job guess will find out!
  10. I just got back and I just about got VA2.
    it was a normal eye test really sophi21, if U have bad eyesight you will do the normal stuff you would do on any of your past eye tests. the only diffrence to a normal eye test for me was I had to do a colourblind test.
    its easy really just go in and do what you can! good luck!
  11. Rolotp thank you, will give it a go then i will know, well thats if i pass everything else. Guess we will find out cheers everyone!

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