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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by phil1972, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. Is anyone aware of the RN running driving courses to get licensed to drive service tillies?
  2. That can be done under a normal licence, don't you just need an MT permit?
  3. Just take your driving licence to the MT section and they'll give you an ADP or whatever it's called nowadays.
  4. My understanding is that newer licenses don't have all the categories to use the tillies and so you need to get re-examined for that, was wondering if (as it is part of your RN job) you can get it don't through the RN as the Army do for heavy goods vehicles etc.
  5. Good point. If you've passed in the last few years there are restrictions on what you can drive. You can't drive a mini-bus for example. If you need it for your job then you should be able to get yourself on a course, speak to your DO. It's a lot harder to get on any pussers driving courses unless your PQ No demands it nowadays.
  6. We have "training co-ordinators" who is an RN Chief, but he doesn't know how one goes about it. Hence my question on here. I guess no one else does either then!!
  7. Phil get in touch with the School of Flight Deck Training at RNAS Culdrose.
    They have always been the main training facility for Pusser's driver training and examining.

    No phone number I'm afraid.
  8. I believe theres an Army place on the outskirts of Hull (probably submerged at the moment) that run joint service driving courses. Not a clue of the name or phone numbers though.
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The issue is the D1 category driving licence which permits you to drive a vehicle that seats over 8 passengers, but less than 18.

    I think (standing by to be corrected!) that anyone passing their driving test before January 1997 is qualified D1, all those after this date need to take an additional test.

    There used to be a driving course available through HMNB Portsmouth MT Section, subject to your unit agreeing to fund the 5 day course & test. Whether that is still the case is open to lively conjecture, no doubt!
  10. Correct on all point as ever Ninja, I guess my question therefore is does anyone know if the courses in Pompey are still being run?
  11. I believe they are but also believe that you have to have a good reason to be put on one, ie your next assignment requires you to drive a tillie van. Could be wrong though!
  12. If you check DVLA site you will find that the rules are now that anyone who passed their test after Jan 97, can drive a tilly provided they are over 21 and have been driving for 2 years. The limit on the tilly is < 16 seats, and 3.5T.
  13. That is for driving for personal use. If it is for your job i.e. the RN say you must drive it then you will still need the D1 license.
  14. If you can get your budget-holder to pay for it, there is still a course in Pompey. See your PM for details.
  15. It's the Defence School of Transport, Leconfield, East Yorkshire. They drive all round these parts but as far as I am aware they only do category C (called Class 2 in the old days - >7.5 tonnes rigid) and C+E (Class 1 articulated/trailer). Never seen any pongos in D or D1 but I know they do those somewhere.
    At our unit the only people with D1 are those with pre-1997 "grandfathers' rights" and those who've done Cat D for their work (driving buses) and D1 comes free.
    Tillies will die out eventually - the one at our place has now gone.
  16. Wasn't the driving course at Pompey done at Northern Parade MT Depot?

    I walked past there the other day and the site is now redundant and has been bought by a developer for homes now.
  17. Used to be a local MOD driving permit for people who would be likely to be driving pussers vehicles .
    You still needed a DVLA driving licence and the Permit was issued after a short test given by the civvy in charge of the transport section. It was valid for 2 years at the place issued only .

    Other than that --the transport was supplied with a driver!!!!

    :nemo: :nemo:
  18. Wasn' this the place where the "pass fee" was forty blue liners? I did hear ( maybe apocryphal) that you did'nt necessarily have to get into the vehicle to pass, but that may be a foul slander on the civvy instructors.

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