RN Dockyard Sheerness


Hello to anyone who might be interested. During the period of 1948 to 1951 I lived in the Station Sergeants house inside the dockyard. My father was a member of the RM Police or Admiralty Police as it became known. At that time I would have been about 11 to 13 years old so can recall some of the events etc during that time. HMS Wildfire the training establishment is well remembered as my father used to take me to some of the boxing matches that used to be held there. I can also recall the Navy Days that were held each year and enjoyed going onto the ships that were in dock at the time. On one visit I went on to a submarine its name I can't remember, but one that I can was one that had sunk and was brought into the dockyard called HMS Truculent perhaps some of the older ones of you might recall it. The house that we lived in was very close to the swimming bathes so I learnt to swim there as I'm sure many others did, The method used as I recall was a inflatable harness on a rope that was attached over head and the trainee was hauled up and down the pool by the instructor learning the strokes, it worked for me.
I'm sure you all know it's now a commercial port, I went back there about three years ago to have a look around, but of course could not go inside, but had a walk around the outside along Blue Town High Street to the South Gate then part of the way along West Street. When I went into Sheerness town centre I found a small museum, inside was a map of the old dockyard layout, that I managed to have copied with the help of the assistant there. I think I might be taking up to much space here,so will finish now by saying that if any of you ''old uns'' want to get in touch please do so.

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