RN Divers to help Myleene Klass name new cruise liner

The Travel Weekly website contains this article describing how RN divers will help Myleene Klass name the new 113,000 tonne cruise ship Carnival Splendor at Dover on Thursday 10 July (puts a couple of 65,000 tonne aircraft carriers into perspective, doesn't it?).

According to this interview with Myleene Klass on The Independent's website, "Her Austrian father Oscar is a diver and ship's captain". This article on the Daily Mail website states he was "an Austrian naval diver".

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Re: RN Divers help Myleene Klass name new cruise liner

A short video of today's naming ceremony for Carnival Splendor in Dover is available here. As can be seen, PO(D) Christian Rumming of the Fleet Diving Squadron smashed the bottle of 1994 vintage Nyetimber English sparkling wine against the ship's hull without any problem and certainly has a tale to tell his grandchildren.


Carnival Splendor[/align]
finknottle said:
Naval_Gazer, get a grip!
And "Good Morning" to you Fink from this bright and sunny corner of England. I take it the stirring video featuring Myleene Klass and the RN diver doing his 'James Bond' thing wasn't to your taste? If it was the musical accompaniment composed by Rod Stewart then I agree with you. They ought to have stuck with Vaughan Williams.

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement but rest assured that my grip is reassuringly present and correct; or were you making a characteristically amusing quip about the boyish lock of hair that persists in flopping across my eyes? If it's good enough for Boris... Once again you are generous to a fault and your enduringly cheerful disposition, bonhommie and uplifting badinage never cease to amaze me. May your milk of human kindness continue to run in torrents and lang may yer lum reek! In light of your legendary generosity of spirit, I often find myself reaching for my pen to recommend you for a Queen's Birthday Honour (or would a New Year Honour make a better Hogmanay present?) before being struck by the realisation that you would find such recognition embarrassing owing to your innate modesty and genteel self-effacement. You'd probably prefer it to go to someone you consider more deserving like a member of the Cornwall 15 or a steely-looking star of 'Warship'.

Must go now as I have to prepare for a pub quiz tonight. My team captain has heard that one of the questions has something to do with West Lothian so I'd better do some research. Do you know anyone who lives there?

Always lovely to chat.

Yours as ever,

NG ^~

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