RN Divers Head for Afghanistan to Tackle Bombs

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Naval_Gazer, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. The Navy News website contains this article describing the deployment of RN Clearance Divers to Afghanistan for EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) and IEDD (Improvised Explosive Device Disposal) duties.
  2. Thanks Rob,

    But how will this affect their (and those in Iraq) access to facilities for 'Qualifying Minutes' needed for their SSP?

    I sincerely hope that they are not dipping out by being unable to dip in!

    (I recently heard a good dit from from one of your ilk involving a wheel chair dunking for his required minutes.)
  3. Haven't you heard of the expression, "Where there's a well there's a way."?
  4. Still be known as Army, and I bet the Sea Lords don't promote it!! The crabs would make a TV programme about it!!!
  5. Unfortunately, you're probably right. How many people are aware that RN Clearance Divers formed part of the Joint Force EOD Group in Iraq last year and that the Group was led by an RN MCD officer (Navy News link)?
  6. :drunken:

    I believe some Submariners got there, silently, before your lot but I think they enjoyed the uncanned fresh air if nothing else.

    Off Topic but do you know whatever happened to the DOLHIN Vs VERNON 'Bone of Contention' Mess Trophy?

    (perhaps you rarely saw it at your side of the water....)
  7. It's just more money so they can spend it on bigger mirrors and more hair gel... ;)
  8. It seems you can't go anywhere in Helmand Province these days without tripping over submarines.


    As for the 'Bone of Contention Trophy', this was a two-foot long bone, decorated in silver and mounted on a plinth. The wardrooms of HMS Dolphin and HMS Vernon competed for it annually but the fun and games were cunningly arranged so that the winner alternated which meant that the venue for the challenge, competition and ensuing mess dinner also rotated. I assume the trophy is now in the custody of the RN Trophy Store. For those unaware, the original 'bone of contention' was the nightly noisy return of Dolphin libertymen past the Captain's house in Vernon en route to catch the last PAS boat back across Portsmouth harbour.

    The wardrooms of HMS Vernon and HMS Excellent also vied for the 'Olympiad Trophy' on a similarly alternating basis so that Vernon hosted either Dolphin or Excellent each year. This originally started off as a challenge match between the Long TAS Course (later the Long MCD Course) at Vernon and the Long 'G' Course at Whaley and also culminated in an unusually raucous mess dinner. I have certain personal dits about these events but I've strayed too far off topic already.

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