RN Diver Aptitude week

Hi mate, having completed Aptitude week only a few weeks back, i'll give you an insight!
Started the week with 25, the lads I went through Raleigh with, lads who were on a holdover course, sideways entry lads and a couple of officers. They can only take 10 people, so as you guessed, 15 dropped out through the week. They dont have to take 10, if only 6 or 8 pass, they'll take 6. The best.
Its a tough week, although I loved every bit of it, its the first time you actually do what you've signed up to do. Expect awkward after awkward, circuits galore, buoy swims, minis, in outs, mud runs, lake swims. But unlike the PEDA, you get to dive. Also Weds and Thurs we were diving till around 11pm, very interesting if you've never night dived before.
Go in confident, take exactly what they give you, team work is essential, unless they state its an individual event ie circuits, stick as a team, one in all in.
Whens your aptitude?
Thanks for the info Ric_09.

Was there one particular area within which people were failing ie mud runs, the dives, etc? Or did people just drop out as the week progressed?
No problem mate.

A couple of the lads dropped out on day one, said it just wasnt for them, a couple withdrew from injury and one lad couldnt clear his ears to dive, so is on holdover at the minute.
There wasnt a specific area to which people failed on, but injury does pay a big part, as does the desire to pass the week. If you show that your 100% committed, work as a team and never give in, they'll pass you.
Mud run was hell, thats the only bit of the week I didnt enjoy, im just not built for them ha ha!


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Ric mate, my aptitude week is 3rd November.

I pass out on Sep 12th, then 4 weeks of Seamanship. What is your 1.5 mile and a hlaf time like?

Out of everyone you passed out with, how many made the course?

Cheers for your info mate, for this and the PEDA those months ago.
Mate, don't worry about the mile and a half, im by no means the quickest, 8.53's my best, aslong as you get under the time, they're not bothered. Its the circuits and everything else that theyre interested in so dont dwell on it.

The seamanships a bit of a chore though, lets hope you have PO Tex Marshall for that course, an absaloute legend, you'll see why if you have him.
Origionally there were 12 "Divers" though Raleigh in my division, 5 of us are on course along with 5 other lads.

Best of luck on your aptitude, you'll probably see my course getting shafted someway or another whilst your down there!


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Mate, I am in Pellew Division and Chief Tex Marshall is my ADTO. And he is a legend.

I'm not going to worry about it too much, it just depends how much you want it like you said.

Did you have anytime of hold over? I have 3 weeks after seamanship at Collingwood!

All the best mate, and keep me posted on 'live in week' when you do it.
There were 2 sideways on my aptitude and one Officer. Just one of the sideways made it. But that'll vary between courses no doubt.

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