RN Commando Medic.

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by andym, Feb 10, 2006.

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  1. I am trying to trace an oppo.He should be easy to come to mind.He was a RN Commando MA.About 6 foot 5 and of Afro carribean extraction.Went by the nickname of Sinbad.Any info most welcome.
  2. That is going back a while!!!

    Have you tried


    Its basically a bootneck version of arrse

    got plenty of old and bold on it

    Having said that you've probably come from there

  3. Check your PMs dude
  4. cheers clanks!
  5. That is a good site! PM a guy with the ID Doc, he is very useful :wink:

    Scrub that, just posted in the bunker what you asked for!

    Oh and a little bunny told me he posted an email address here
  6. [​IMG]

    Here he is!

    Him and about 50 serving and non serving Bootnecks had a sess in the Noahs Ark, Guz last November. The Sod can sniff out a DTS from 50 miles!!! :D

  7. He invited his Mum and Dad too. His Mum's having what he's having.
  8. LOL,Thats sinbadHe still owes me for a pint!
  9. Bigwets, YOU FAKIN COLOUR BLIND or have you been drinking to much of what the FAMILY have been drinking. :roll:

  10. Sinbad must be the most difficult ex-Serviceman to trace, cos he keeps such a low profile.

    He has organised almost everything to do with the RNH Plymouth reunions over the last decade, but it's a shame that he's decided to go tee-total.
  11. Now thats Sinbad, looks like he's in Stonehouse Mess with Bill in the background. He's not hard to trace!
  12. OK, I am a dimwit, the photograph is obviously taken in 'Noahs', too keen to a dit in I 'spose.

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