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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Tophound1, May 14, 2013.

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  1. Hey
    I'm just wondering a few things about the above.
    Firstly, what is the training like? What exactly does it entail. Do you need to be extremely fit as well smart?
    Secondly, after basic pay do you also get flying pay on top?
    (Both the questions excluding Pilot/Observer)
    Cheers in advance!
  2. :eek:mg: :happy1:
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  3. Are you planning to join the RN direct or via the "back door" as RM?
  4. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Yes. No. Yes. there is a lad on here who has recently completed it who used to be in my division, but he doesn't come on very often. Hopefully he will see this post and give you more detail.
  5. Direct entry :)
    Can't particularly find anything on the web about the direct entry route as it's very recent, such as no idea what training is like, plus this is the job I've always wanted :p
  6. If you are going RN, there is (or was last year) no requirement to do AACC to serve as aircrew with CHF. So that one less thing to worry about. :grin:

    Is there direct entry for aircrew now?
  7. Yeah there is, went to my AFCO last week and said they've just opened it up apparently, so I jumped on it :p
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  8. Every day's a school day.
  9. There goes the neighbourhood!!!!!
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  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


    It was announced last February, but so far as I'm aware, there is no careers publication available online yet. Basically, there's an Increased requirement for helicopter crew, with the transfer of the Merlin Mk3 to the RN, it opened up the opportunity to offer a route to direct recruiting of rating aircrew. A new Direct Entry Naval Airman (Aircrewman) (NA (ACMN)) Ratings, Branch of Preference is now introduced.

    Eligibility criteria for NA (ACMN) are:
    Min Age to Join – 16
    Max Age to Join – 25
    Male or Female
    Nationality – British or Dual British only
    Medical - Visual Acuity standard One, excellent hearing.
    GCSE – 2 (Any subject)
    Standard initial Training Period (SITP) – 10 months
    Professional/Other – Pass Flying Aptitude Tests (FAT) Aircrewman and an initial Aircrew medical

    Recruiting Test scores are not in the public domain but are similar to Air Engineering Technician.
    A Return of Service (RoS) of 3 years will apply on completion of Operational Conversion Unit Training, so minumum service will be 10 (SITP) + 36 (RoS) + 12 (Notice) = 58 months
    Having completed PJFT, NA (ACMN) applicants are to complete additional specialist test which will involve undergoing Flying Aptitude Tests (FAT).

    A selection meeting will take place to consider candidates that pass FAT who are judged to one of 3 categories:
    i. Selected, and will progressed to aircrew medical
    ii. Reserve, will progress to aircrew medical as required.
    iii. Not selected, to be career counselled to either re-sit FAT or consider entry to an alternative branch.

    On completion of the Aircrew medical, eligible candidates will be allocated to an entry.

    A candidate who fails FAT may re-sit providing they remain eligible in all other respects. There must be an interval of at least 12 months, which applies to those seeking to improve their grade as well as failures and candidates will only be permitted to take the tests twice.
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  11. This was talked about when I was a serving aircrewman. However in them thar days due to the complexity of the sonar fit expected in Merlin it was expected that they would go down the RAF career route for backseat aircrew. Ie GCSE's and entry level expected at Petty Officer on completion of Operational Flying Training.

    The entry Ninja states has certainly changed in twenty plus years.

    Good luck to those that go for it. Bet the medical writes a few off!!!!!!
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep, fully concur, the medical standards for Aircrew are exceptionally stringent so anyone not in top-top health with regard their current circumstances & previous history, is likely to be disappointed.
  13. Taking the requirements for Pilots/Obs and reading across to Acmn, the reason you will be streamed Cdo or ASW is mainly on mental aptitude. As an example, CHF Pilots score extremely highly on the ability to solo nav at low level, with very good mental maths and STD capability, whereas Merlin Obs do better at the equally complex world of ASW sensor and weapon employment.

    Neither cadre require you to be able to yomp 30 miles in less than 8 hours, but CHF have a little more aptitude to get on AACC. But don't kid yourself that as a Cdo Acmn you'll be advancing to contact with a Section; your role is deliver the troops to the right HLZ at H Hour in one piece, and then extract them.
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  14. Very well said.

  15. I went into the AFCO today to apply for the same thing,the impression i got from my recruiter was no one else knew about it haha . All i can really add is that there is apparently ten places on the next intake which is in January. I've been told the only RN fitness test is the 1.5 miler which is a gift after doing the Armys CFTs and PFAs :D As others have said the aircrew medical will probably be destruction haha, don't worry about the hearing test no one can actually hear the beeps you just click the button rapid, according to my med docs i have perfect hearing.

    As for the training from what ive read we all do basic at Raliegh, then it depends on whether you'll be streamed to anti Submarine, Lynx, or Sea King. Or i may be spouting utter drivel. linky here troops..
    Aircrewman Training | Royal Navy
  16. Applied for it now as well, looks like thats 3/10 slots so far :p and yeh the Medical is pretty strict.. But with 20/20 vision and perfect hearing can't go wrong I suppose. As for training my AFCO e-mailed me a PDF about the training, apparently 40 weeks in total among a bunch of other useful info :p if any of you guys wanna me to send you it just PM me your email or the likes, as I've got no idea how to post it here hehe.
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  17. What happens to all the wannabes, that are already in and want to be the ace of the base Aircrewmen!!! On a side ways move??? Hope there is no tears :angel8:
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  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It'll be interesting with regard sideways aspirants because now there is a "direct entry" route, one of the requirements for the branch (much the same as Divers who used to be "sideways entry" only) is the need to pass the recruiting test for the branch.

    I reckon a fair few people underestimate the cerebal aspects of aircrewman & think it's just a case of being a "dope on a rope". Ten months training says otherwise.
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  19. Do they get their hook at the end of the 10 months?
  20. A big one dangling from a petrol pigeon D_B ;)
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