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Hello everyone, I'm transferring over to the RN from the Corps very soon, I've heard rumours that on the new blue rig flashes have been made to suit the rig can anybody confirm? - White on black?

Apologies in advance for being so throbbing :oops:



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Not heard that one (yet).

I know former Royals in the RN can wear the green beret with the covetted RN beret badge (subject to local restrictions) & that the Commando Dagger can be worn on the sleeve of the number 1 (parade) uniform, but not heard of the Royal Navy Commando flash being worn on anything other than MTP, but that's usually for AACC qualified ratings rather than ex-Royals.


Maybe things are changing and others may know...


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Whoops, stand corrected.

BR3, Chapter 39, Article 3925, paragraph g refers:

BR3 said:
3925. Insignia and Badges Worn with No 4 RN Personal Clothing System (No 4 RNPCS)
g. Shoulder Flashes. Wearing of shoulder flashes is authorised for personnel qualified to wear ‘RN Commando’ and ‘Bomb Disposal’. Qualified RN EOD personnel are authorised to wear the EOD operator Joint ‘Bomb’ badge (red bomb on blue background) and qualified members of the Submarine Parachute Assistance Group are authorised to wear ‘Parachute Wings’; these are to be worn centralised on the right arm, the top of the badge being 6mm below the bottom of the trade badge. Communicators who have served with 148 Bty and other niche groups who have been awarded ‘Parachute Wings’ are authorised to wear them.

The following link may only work on Internet Explorer running with Adobe thingy (sometimes):

http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/~/media/royal navy responsive/documents/reference library/br 3/br3book/ch39.pdf

Hmmn, a controversial bit about that old chestnut with regard SPAG wearing Para wings instead of the Para 'lightbulb'. Standby for howls about that one ;)

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