RN Careers advice, RN or UNI?


Hi Soleil, I failed Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and German in the first year, and now I am in my 3rd year doing the second year course of Geography, Sociology and Communication & Culture.

The Seaman Specialist appeals to me as it seems the role closest to the historical Seaman, I am not sure howmuch BS is on the official Navy site, but driving a RIB and being in the bridge sounds cool. Warfare Specialist sounds interesting but it sounds like it involves staring at a radar screen all day.

The Warfare Officer is a more ambitious role for me to try I suppose but the pride of being an Officer seems great.

I love History and Music, although I don't do either formally. I love learning about the past and talking/discussing it but hated writing the very linear/ritualised essays in the exam.

Thanks Soleil, I have college now but I'll be back soon.


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Hello all, I am and 18 year old lad from the South East (near Brighton) and would like to hear your input/advice please. I am currently in my 3rd year of Sixth Form and am torn between joining the Royal Navy or going to University. I did fairly well at GCSE but failed the first year of sixth form and got D D D C in the 2nd year's exams. I probably will not be able to get into a good university and to be honest I am sick of learning shit in the education system so I am seriously considering the RN.

The roles I like the look of so far are the Seaman Specialist and the Warfare Officer.
Is the Warfare officer attainable for someone like me that will likely get average A levels?
Shall I not go to uni and go for seaman specialist?

Thanks guys, I just want to hear from the perspective of people in the business.

Split the difference, go to a Uni with its' own RN squadron attached or one which has an RNR unit nearby, dip your toe in the water (so to speak) and see if you like it. Time spent in reconaissance and all that


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Disagree, my degree is not an Hons (it's an OU BSc), I tried to transfer into the, as was, E(TM) stream but couldn't at the time because I didn't have an Eng degree; I still wouldn't be able today because I don't have an Hons Degree - there are people without Hons Degrees.

I await 'the last word' :wink:

The last word:

The difference between a degree with honours and one without is the amount of credits undertaken. Some institutions also stipulate that the award can only be given on completion of a dissertation, although this is university specific. 360 credits means you graduate with honours and 300 without, it is not subject or grade related; you could graduate with a 3rd in golf studies but have honours. Disregarding open university courses you would be hard pushed to find someone graduating without honours as again many insitutions stipulate that you must pass a certain number of credits to progress each year. The exceptions i imagine are people who fail several units and are given the option to retake or to accept the degree without honours at the discretion of the head of school. On the whole though everyone does within a university context, it reflects the number of units taken and not high achievement, some are advertised as without honours as there are less units needed to pass the course- not common though certainly for full time students.


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In the context of the OP if he were to attend university with 99.9999% certainty he would graduate with honours, so although obviously people can and do get awards without them; relative to this discussion you can assume he would achieve honours and be able to apply to that role. Unless you are on about a different point i have missed.


If you'd have to pay to go to University why put yourself in debt for learning when you could join the Navy, learn a trade, get paid for it and earn some qualifications on top.
While you are young it would be silly to miss out on the chance in the Navy. You can go back to Uni later if you feel you've missed out. You can't join the Navy after a certain age.


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Why does the student debt matter? It's not like a 'real' loan - if you don't earn a reasonable amount you won't have to pay back a great deal. For the record, I didn't go to university but it wasn't the debt that put me off..... so long as you have a comfortable living why does money matter?

Maybe this video will help you realise what the right choice for you is OP:

If money were no object. - YouTube


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I think the OP should ignor all the constructive advice on here and do what he feels is right for him in his heart. Nothing anyone can say will be relavant to the OP.

You have a choice to make young man. It is your choice , in fact its your first command decision if you choose to go officer route. Life is a journey and we are definatly non existant longer than we are alive in this existance so do whats right for you and have no regrets because regrets are pointless.

I have a regret saying that lol , that I didnt join the Royal Navy . I now seem to live it through my daughter and god am I jealous of her boredom , excitment , tiredness , exhilaration , boredom , experience , tiredness , excitment , boredom , discomfort , pride , amasment , amusment , drunkardness, boredom, discomfort , tiredness, excitment , exhilaration, wonder, pride , boredom, in one endless wonderous adventure.


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I agree with DruAde's viewpoint.

I strongly believe that it is the choices we make and chances we take that define us - OP it's your first real spin of the wheel.

Good luck in whatever you decide.

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