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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Sygnus, Apr 22, 2014.

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  1. Hello,

    (Apologies if you see this type of question a lot) I'm 27 and I've been wanting to get out of an office and into offshore work for some time. Firstly looking at Oil and Gas work, then at the start of this year, considering the merchant navy. I've recently looked into the Royal Navy and have been speaking to my local recruitment centre. However I'm trying to get a non-recruiter perspective, a less bias view perhaps.

    I'm wanting to get into engineering, my preferred choice would be a marine engineering technician. However, I'm wondering, with all the cut backs associated with the military these days, is there still a viable career to be had in the RN (hopefully not opening a can of worms there)?

    I have a degree (non-transferable), and the recruitment centre advised I go for the officer route, but I have been out of education a good while now and would perhaps prefer to go in as a Rating and get on with the training rather than going to a college or anything along those lines. Although I know that means less progression prospects, perhaps? Are the progression opportunities as a Rating achievable?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  2. With respects to engineering in the RN, it's going through a shake up soon called the Faraday ( a search on this site will bring up the details) so it's a case of watch this space.

    It's possible to go for officer once you've been in a while, although it has happened in the past that ratings have gone through before completing Phase 2 training but this is rare.

    About 40% of Engineer officers joined up as ratings although you getting into the wardroom that way is not guaranteed. I wouldn't worry about being out of education for a while, that's not what they look for on officer selection.

    To précis, yes engineering in the RN can still be (and is) a viable career but go for officer if you fill the criteria although that path isn't "hands on", it's more engineering management.
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  3. Double check with your AFCO about engineering officer as I'm pretty sure when I went to my ICP last week they said I was too old to apply as one and I've just turned 25. Your degree also needs to be engineering related.
  4. Thanks for the response, I'm looking through the Faraday threads on here, although there is a lot of technical jargon in there which makes it a tad hard to follow! I think I get the gist of it though.
  5. I asked that in an email, they said the maximum intake age for that was 30. I then checked on the RN website in the "Role Finder" area and that also stated 30 was the maximum age (more info here: Engineering Technician (Marine Engineering) | Royal Navy if you're interested).

    As for my degree, I only mentioned it on here as they looked at my CV and suggested the officer route from that. I didn't think I'd gain any advantage from my degree, as I know it is totally unrelated.
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    RM & Warfare Officers must be under age 26.
  7. Cheers. They suggested officer to me too because I have A Levels and NVQ equivalents but its irrelevant for me as I want to be in Air Engineering. Nevermind, I don't mind working up to promotions.. I like a challenge ;)

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  8. No problem, I'm somewhat in the same boat there (pardon the pun), where I wouldn't mind working my way up. Although there'd have to be feasible progression opportunities in place.

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