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Can anyone recommend books to help me gen up? I know you can get hold of Janes and all that but I'm looking a little more for narrative history.

Anyone recommend any?
I would recommend To Rule the Waves by Arthur Herman.

It's a great book for an overview of the history of the RN. It's a fairly long read though, especially if you read as slowly as I do!
Try "To Rule the Waves, how the British Navy shaped the modern world" by Arthur Herman. He's a septic so it's not jingoistic but gives a good overview from 1652 to 1982. Again it's a long read but worth it IMO.

Edited to add Johansen got in before me but 2 recommends can't be bad
The Cruel Sea by Nicholas Monsarrat is a very good read, its novel based on real events during the battle of the atlantic.

Safeguarding the Nation 'the story of the modern royal navy', covers everything from 1957 to 2009, its just came out and includes a picture of the Prince of Wales trying his best to look cheerful.


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I'd recommend Admirals by Andrew Lambert a good general one with bios on most major British admirals from the Armada to WWII and background info on the transformation of the navy in that period. Be handy for the naval history questions and give you some ammo if, like the army selection board, they ask you to give examples of figures who you respect/are inspired by.
Look on amazon or play.com, for a book called: Why should britain tremble.

Its about a guy ( changed name on book, known as chas cooke ) writing a book about his navy life, from when he joined his first ship to leaving. Good read, and i dont really like reading but managed that book as it kept me wanting to read on.
Thanks for all the replies, I actually went for Admirals by Lambert as Swansea Waterstones have an appalling selection of Rn related literature..
Really enjoying it and keeping an eye out for the others too...
Libraries have quite a vast collection of books such as these, a lot are probably held in central stores but most authorities charge under £1 to have them sent to a local library. Portsmouth Central library holds every single book re: Royal Navy history for example (can be sent via inter library loans). Not only is it cheaper but can still make notes on post its and stick them in; plus of that rather than writing in a book is you can keep them and make a revision wall or something! People underuse libraries, getting a card is freeeeee and everything. Then if you find one you really like invest in it :p if you are a slow reader can renew them- libraries 4ever.
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