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RN ATC & Aircraft Control Private Group

Smiffy_the_Shipwreck said:
Pierre_Argh said:
The Rum Ration administrators were cagey about starting private groups, but agreed to try out the concept with this one. There are two reasons for keeping the forum closed

The rest of the site is open to "guests"... i.e. anyone/anywhere; by having it closed we are able to talk/debate in-house things that may be slightly more contentious without having to worry too much about on-lookers

Secondly, it avoids us having to wade through mindless comments such as these from people poking their noses in...

Why so anti the idea? You might be right about ARRSE and the rest of Rum Ration... but if you're familiar with PPRuNe you will know they have plenty of private forums (for individual companies, airlines etc etc)...

Being a member of a closed group doesn't stop us joining in the fun on other threads. We're slowly bringing over the membership of another Group known as "The Flying Prevention Branch", whose significant membership will, hopefully, swell Rum ration mumbers idc... and that has to be a good thing?

PS Thanks for keeping our thread near the top of the index :)

So start your own fcucking site then. I didn't donate to this site to give a bunch of poofta airey fairey aircraft spotters their own private gay dating room.........

If I want to "nose" in to sections of this site and post inappropriate comments then thats my right as an RR member, you fcucking wagfu's always thought you were on better than everyone else!

Ooooh - I love it when you're cross Mr Angry!

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