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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Pierre_Argh, Feb 22, 2006.

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  1. Hidden away on this Forum is a Private Group for RN ATCOs, AH(ATC)s, ACs, Exchanges, and anyone who's had anything to do with the Air Traffic Control & Aircraft Control branches and wishes to join in the fun.

    Access to the Group is by invitation. PM me with where/when you served (or a brief explanation as to why you think you qaulify for admission) and I'll sign you in.

    The reason the Group is private is that other forums can be viewed by guests... a private group allows discussion with, shall we say, less need for constraint (although general Forum rules still apply)
  2. Bonsoir again Pierre,
    Found this now- well hidden, by using search and poking about.
  3. Good Morning, This is Air Traffic Control... The ATC Private Group is now open, Standby for Crash Alarm and Tannoy Alert Test"

    If you have a reason for joining the "Flying Prevention Branch" (i.e. you were an ATCO, AH(ATC), AC, HC, Assistant... heck even an FC) let me know where/when you served or why you think you should be given access and I'll sign you up.


  4. I left the mob in 96 as a POAC and wondered if the issues of Radar training still exist in the branch. I know when I went out there was little or no chance of getting in the radar room and ACs were more or less seen as PAR / Tower jockeys.

    Has anything changed?? I will be gobsmacked if it has
  5. I'm not a regular anymore but there still seems to, and probably always will, be issues with POAC Radar training at Air Stations. If the FAA had it's way JATCC for POAC would only include PAR and ADC, but the CATCS system cannot stand that owing to the way courses are structured.

    The reason for the RN requirement, training backlog at Air Stations and the short time POACs can spend on their first ATC tour before going back to sea. The rationale (not mine I hasten to add) was that if they gave a POAC the full Part B Radar Training an ATCO gets, they might or might not qualify in time, but they'd have no time to consolidate if they did... No one said it was going to be fair, and to be honest it has been that way since the branch began?
  6. where is the forum?
  7. The RN Air Traffic Control Group is a closed Forum, and therefore only accessible to invited members who have served in, or have strong links to, the ATCO, AC, AH(ATC) ATCA, HC branches either as a member of, or whilst on exchange with, the RN.

    Slacky check your PM's
  8. PM's????
  9. I'm in the forum but cant find it on the site!!!
  10. Surely this defeats the entire object of Rum Ration. Everyone's anonymous on this site (and if your username is compromised, change it or create a new account) and if there are things to discuss, having random important people pop by for a look is MUCH more effective that dripping at divisional meetings. ARRSE has been going for ages and you don't see people starting private "you can't see me la de la" forums.

    I think that after less than a month of existence, it's a terrible shame that this has happened already. Is it cowardice? A sense of superiority? Wanting to be "special"? I urge you to reconsider - after all, what's to stop the RNR wanting to do the same, then the Submariners, then the SCC, then officers, then JRs?

    Come on, Pierre. Be a man. (meant nicely! :lol: )
  11. As my old Sea Dad said, "People with secrets have something to hide" May I suggest if it is so important to have a closed pages for some form of Airy Fairy low life then they have there own Forum. Rum Ration should be open in all parts to all members.

    I am with Geoffrey on this one.

    Diesel Electric Ex/Submariner
  12. Fully agree with Geoffrey and Nutty ( We will have an any mouse box soon)
  13. Trust me. Having served with members of the AC branch in the past, the last thing you want to listen in on is what passes for banter in the interesting world of flight preventon. I once shared a cabin with a senior rate AC who would get really excited about wether to lay 2 coats of polish in his office or not.
    Could this be the real reason why the ACs want there own private forum?
  14. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I agree and can see no reason why the Jennys should have a closed board if that is the intention
  15. The Rum Ration administrators were cagey about starting private groups, but agreed to try out the concept with this one. There are two reasons for keeping the forum closed

    The rest of the site is open to "guests"... i.e. anyone/anywhere; by having it closed we are able to talk/debate in-house things that may be slightly more contentious without having to worry too much about on-lookers

    Secondly, it avoids us having to wade through mindless comments such as these from people poking their noses in...

    Why so anti the idea? You might be right about ARRSE and the rest of Rum Ration... but if you're familiar with PPRuNe you will know they have plenty of private forums (for individual companies, airlines etc etc)...

    Being a member of a closed group doesn't stop us joining in the fun on other threads. We're slowly bringing over the membership of another Group known as "The Flying Prevention Branch", whose significant membership will, hopefully, swell Rum ration mumbers idc... and that has to be a good thing?

    PS Thanks for keeping our thread near the top of the index :)

  16. Secret Airy Fairy Person(Can't do French still struggling with Spanish)

    I have picked out three of your comments. Just how pretentious, pompous and condesending can you get.

    1. The rest of the site is open to "guests"... i.e. anyone/anywhere.....Perhaps many of us would like to make postings or comments with only our select few able to access them and not have to worry about Airy Fairies watching what we may say about them or others.

    2. Secondly, it avoids us having .........."avoids US having to wade etc" Is that mindless comments from a Seaman RP such as myself one of the mindless person's on this Forum. God forbid that a STOKER raised his head above the parapet.

    3. Being a member of a closed group .......... So you can join in any other threads and forum as you choose and wish, but wish to deny that choice to any others than the chosen few.

    Yes I am a member of PPRuNe more to observe than make comment, my brother was a crab that flew Canberra's then Buck's A much more wide ranging set up altogether and of little comparison. Also my niece was a Crab (Pig) ATC Officer its a bit of a family business.

    Seems a goodway to drive people away, not attract new members unless you are trying to hide a club away inside another to get these members who will contribute little and save money not paying for web space.

    Disgusted of Tumbridge Wells


    Janner can you pick up my toys and drop them off to my pram parked in Barrow.
  17. Nutty... your entitled to your opinion. However, at the end of the day the site's administrators agreed to run the Controllers Group as a trial and there is no reason why others shouldn't ask to form Private Groups (I don't believe it will diminish or detract from the rest of Rum Ration in any way, rather it will add to it.

    I can't see why you think PPRuNe is different, its just older and bigger; and really don't think a few PGs will devalue RumRation any more than it has that site.

    Most Forum's such as this have warnings about unscrupulous visitors who may attempt to provoke comment ot elicit information for improper purposes... a closed group prevents that happening (and probably encourages those with an interest in the topic to be more candid?)...

    In response to these comments I have asked the members of the group if they'd prefer to be an open or private group, and will be interested to see their comments?
  18. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Can I therefore ask that a private limited entry forum be started for DE Boat Submariners. My reasons for asking are that we are a select group, our numbers are diminishing as the UK at the present time have no DE Boats in the fleet and because of the specilised nature of the job our ramblings will mean little to others so why should they have to read them.

    So far it appears that the Forums have two closed groups, if it goes on at this rate it will be all closed groups and no free for all forums. I have no doubt that the Seamen, Stokers and Communicators, not to mention the S & S Branch will be wanting the same treatment.

    I think this matter should be commented on by Good and Bad not left to Moderators who may have their own axe to grind (notice I said may)

    Bob toys recovered, perhaps you would return the favour
  19. 8) "Certainly Swine" its my new Spanish lisp. Great time in Portland last June. Once again "Well Done"

    Nutty 8)

    PS I want a private forum for the few of us still left that served on Stretched D/E T Boats please.
  20. If you're serious (which I somehow doubt?) you're asking in the wrong place. If I'm wrong, excuse me... All you have to do is contact an administrator and I guess they'll set up whatever PG you want?

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