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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by R077, Apr 21, 2009.

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  1. Greetings all,

    I have been going through the recruitment process and using all web-based utilities and information sites to my advantage. This was one of the sites I happened across in my interbutt journies and I'm glad I did, the insight has been invaluable.

    The reason I searched here was some interest in the selection process. Yes, I've looked at the sites, been to the AFCO etc. but some day-to-day information from fellow folks is always valuable.

    So rather than be here lurking as a guest and sponging up information free of charge I'd like to share my experience with the RN aptitude (recruitment) test as I'm very very fresh from the experience, within a week to be precise :)

    RN Aptitude Test

    The test is 44 minutes long.

    It consists of 120 questions arranged in groups of 30 over 4 categories and these categories correspond exactly to the 4 categories within the example test booklet you may receive from the local AFCO.

    Verbal ability (9 minutes)

    Your vocabulary will be tested, though in most cases it is common sense. An extra difficult example would be: (filling in the blank)

    "You are {...} Karen, imagine claiming the earth is flat!"

    A doubtful
    B credulous
    C credible
    D incredulous
    E unanimous

    The answer is B. Don't panic dear! This is an example of a difficult one and depends on the extent of your vocabulary.

    "The {...} of raising a family were worth the joy"

    A time
    B work
    C hardships
    D contents
    E enjoyments

    The answer is C. This is a more normal example. Common sense dictates that the structure of the sentence means the answer must be plural i.e. hardship, hardships. this leaves only C, D and E. D and E really don't make much sense here so it's C.

    Maths (16 minutes)

    The mathematics section is a little harder than any previous examples or mock aptitude tests related to the RN unfortunately..

    Anyway, you have space to work on so it's not all bad. LEARN how to do maths 'working' on paper as the questions are pretty tough if you try to do them mentally..


    1986.8 +

    2349.9 +

    0.4 +

    1/2 x 2/6

    The maths section also includes 'written' questions such as:

    "There are 13 boys and 18 girls. Each boy has 2 packets of crisps and each girl has 3 packets of crisps. How many packets of crisps are there altogether?" and so on..

    The maths section also includes questions on area, given, in some cases, the form: "A rectangle has sides of 2 and 6. What is the area of this rectangle?" (Length x breadth)

    and: "A square has the area 16m2. A wall is 40m long. How many sqaures can be lined up along this wall?" (answer = 10 because a square of this area MUST have sides of 4cm ;) )

    Another main area is degrees. Such as:

    You start at point A which is at 0 degrees. You move through 270 degrees. What point are you at? (assuming 90 degree intervals from clockwise are A, B, C, D on the paper then you'll be at C. If you can visualise this, you've no worries :p)

    Just learn the working for these question types and it'll pass. I believe it was 16 minutes you're given.

    Reasoning (9 minutes)

    Reasoning involves working out different problems from number sequences to the shape problems I.e: the shape left when a shape is taken from a larger one. (PAY ATTENTION TO SCALE!! there may be more than one correct answer depending on the SIZE of the shape taken!)

    Other areas involve the "CAR is to ROAD as BOAT is to {...} " type questions. These can vary in difficulty though there are generally only a minimal amount of more difficult ones and the majority are actually quite easy.

    There are also a few very small areas (1 or 2 questions) that involve very traditional psychological test types do something towards judging spatial awareness or something similar.. AHA! found an image:


    OK, this is waaay more complex and large than the actual one but quite similar none the less. The answer here would be most likely be 5. The RN version is much simpler though.

    Mechanical comprehension (10 minutes)

    This is very similar to the examples in the AFCO booklet.

    For mechanical comprehension/reasoning you are given examples including cog wheels turning directions, best force direction to move objects, logic exercises such as the routes vehicles must take to cross areas and other similar ones i.e: The direction a trailer would move depending on the steering direction of the car whilst reversing.

    Others involve water mechanics and some simple electrical knowledge sections.

    Example: "Pick the correct tool from the list of images below that is most suited for the task:" This might include hammers, drivers, tri-squares, hole punches etc. etc.


    This is the underdog here, time management. I was actually caught out and didn't answer a couple of questions that I'd planned to complete at one point. Count the minutes per section and divide it by 30 (the number of questions) and aim to complete each question as quickly and concisely as you can.

    As a guide, the timings should be:

    Verbal abilty: 30 questions in 9 minutes = 18 seconds per question.

    Maths: 30 questions in 16 minutes = 32 seconds per question

    Reasoning: 30 questions in 9 minutes = 18 seconds per question.

    Mechanical comprehension: 30 questions in 10 minutes = 20 seconds per question.

    You will most likely be told on the day if you passed or not. The important thing here is that the test is actually very simple if you KNOW THE WORKINGS!

    Hope this helps any of you who may be feeling slightly anxious or otherwise and Good Luck :)
  2. Re: RN R11 Aptitude Test Proper info

    FLOWERS. Where did that answers come from. Have I misread the question.

    Some very worthwhile observations but nothing that cannot be found out from visiting an AFCO and asking the relevant questions. The booklet that the AFCO provides gives adequate examples of what the test is all about. Not too sure what your point is in this post, as it may only confuse those who are already nervous about taking exams. Average times per questions are all well and good, but some will take less time and others much longer.
  3. Re: RN R11 Aptitude Test Proper info

    Sorry, "flower" and "flowers" is merely an example of what 'plural' means. I felt it would be good to use an example to get the meaning across and it has no actual bearing on the answer.

    Sorry to disagree but the AFCO give you a very small example of the questions that are actually in the R11, whereas I've highlighted some mathematics examples that most definitely weren't present, those requiring knowledge on the rules of fraction/decimal multiplication for example. I did a lot of prep work for the R11 and was actually surprised that these and other hence unknown questions came up.

    As for question times with some taking longer etc. this is merely an attempt at showing how time should be managed, i.e. resisting the urge to grind at a question you cannot easily comprehend or solve in a decent time. 9 minutes sounds like a lot but without being aware of how little time each question has, you may end up taking the test at a lesser pace. I fell into this trap on the day, hence the reason I actually decided to post.

    Thanks for the reply, I've no intention of adding further anxiety or nervousness to any potential testee- everything here is presented for knowledge and benefit as I feel there was a definite difference between available materials both net-based and from the AFCO. Again, the AFCO examples only show a select few of the potential questions whereas I covered all the differing versions I experienced on the day, bearing in mind that every test paper is slightly different.

  4. Re: RN R11 Aptitude Test Proper info

    FYI, the "R11" is just the test paper, not the term for the RT. I hope you realise that. :p
  5. Re: RN R11 Aptitude Test Proper info


    Duly noted, amended.. :oops:

    Also changed the "flower/s" bit for clarity.
  6. On another note, all I did for the RT was read the thread already on here, do the booklet, revise stuff that showed up as weak and turn up. I was pretty well prepared for what came up.

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