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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by WarfareSpecialistToBe, Jul 4, 2010.

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  1. hey guys,
    another question about my application,
    i have been told the medical last for a year,
    also th other aspects of the selection process ( dont know if the interview last for a year, or later )
    anyway, my waiting time is 18 months,
    so my question is, will i have to complete them again?

    many thanks,
  2. my best guess is that you won't, unless you decide to change trades halfway through

    i have to re do my application and interview because i started as an RMR, and 12 months down the line have to enter a regular application because nhs job security sucks. Because i was still on the system as a reservist it is something like changing trades through the process :eek:

    hope that helps :wink:
  3. Yes, you will need to complete some aspects of selection again. I've completed selection and my year will be up in August.

    So after the year, you'll need to do your interview, medical and PJFT all again!
  4. "So after the year, you'll need to do your interview, medical and PJFT all again!"

    --- not strictly true, but you could say i am being pedantic- the medical doesnt have to be done again see link below


    my afco said the repeat interview may just be a chat over the phone and they would not apply for the security clearance straight away so it would not have to be repeated
  5. From what I know unless you are under 18 the medical will last for years, the interview is valid for 6 months, the PJFT for 1 year and the RT for 3 years.

    Hope that helps
  6. It'd be great for the Medical to have the motto 'This will last for years, even if you dont'. Itd brighten up the process. Hoping Glasgow hurry their arrses up sending my TA file to my recruiter
  7. Yeah dont have a clue how long it lasts but I know its a long time... well I hope :eek:
  8. You dont have to do re-do the interview after 12 months, although the AFCO will want a catch up with you, its not an interview. You will only need to do the medial again if you are under 18, or were at the time when you first had it.

    You will have to re-do the PJFT though and your security clearance is only valid for 12 months so will have to be re-done.
  9. whats all this i have been hearing about that the RN have stopped recruiting and that were at 103% man power, is this actually true or is this just somthing to give new entrys a kick up the ass
  10. http://www.navy-net.co.uk/Forums/viewtopic/t=27423.html

    This thread should answer your question
  12. Unless they just wanted to keep the AFCO Men busy dealing with numpty panic merchants. :twisted:

    PS masterchef FFS learn how to use the quote option, your posts quoting other make my eyes bleed.
  14. Jesus Christ on a crutch, why do you keep screwing up the quote option?
    Click on quote.
    Wait for page to load.
    Then type your response below all the quotation.
    It's not rocket cookery.
  15. Was thinking that myself NZ :lol: pretty much EVERY one !
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  18. WS2B,
    If you were under 18 at the medical it lasts a year. If over 18 its four years. Your AFCO may also ask you to go for another eyetest after a year as well.
    Interview is 6 months. Update interviews should be less informal and shorter than the original.
    PJFT is one year. You can update this at RNAC when you go.
    Security Clearance is also one year. Again they should send you a new SC form when the time comes.
    Hope this helps 8)
  19. Your rapier like wit cuts me to the quick. :roll:
  20. Only surpassed by the quality of his culinary skills no doubt.

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