RN Anti Pirate Patrol & Daily Mail Article

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Apr 12, 2011.

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  1. I used this article as shit roll paper
  2. Oh, oh my its in the Mail it must be wrong. Keep burying your head in the sand and the laughing stock that we have become will pass you by.
    Tom Mangold the liberals jounalist was in Cornwall when this event happened, filming. So it will be on Panorama or some such program shortly.
  3. It's good PR for the RN............in Somalia:slow:
  4. Tom Mangold!

    I e-mailed Mr Mangold a while back, as I had some information that I thought he would like to know regarding the reliability of one of his sources. It was a polite message, as I was of the opinion that he had been hoodwinked (along with several others) by an unscrupulous blackguard. Mangold didn't have the courtesy to reply, and I suspect that this was because he simply does not care if information is accurate as long as he is able to use it for his own ends.
  5. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Daily Mail is rated F6 in my reliability scales - its a hugely biased paper which relies on very dubious sources to put out 'news'. They will push what their agenda wants, not what the truth is, and forget to mention it afterwards when corrected.

    I'd ignore this article as a load of old cobblers...
  6. I dont know what there is to ignore about it. Cant be a flat out lie, and is very weak indeed! I know id be dissapointed if I was on the ship..
  7. The CO would have had to contact the UK from where he was given the order to release them, the whole thing as usual is a bloody shambles. Our 'well educated ministers' don't appear to have an ounce of CDF between them.
  8. he extraordinary treatment – revealed in a Radio 4 documentary to be broadcast tonight – came at a time when Somali piracy is causing mayhem to shipping in the Indian Ocean.

    Read more: Pampered pirates: Royal Navy seizes 17 armed Somalis, gives them halal meat and nicotine patches... then sets them free! | Mail Online

    I do believe there are too many tinted glasses on this forum and if they were all to believed there is nothing wrong at all . HMMMMM
  9. If the DM article is quoting extracts from a Radio4 broadcast then one feels that demonising the DM, on this occasion, is a little unfair.
  10. Indeed it looks like some boarded the bus without due deliberation.

    The Andrew are doing the job but without firm decisive backing from this flaccid, liberal Tory led government, let em go FFS!
  11. Finks, the same thing happened under the previous Government.

    This isn't a Tory-led coalition thing, I'm afraid, more an MoD thing. Get back in your box.
  12. Did I say it was only this new lot?

    As for being a MOD thing I am sure you know that their masters are the government.

    I will be getting in my box aka rack around 1400 for my mandatory afternoon snooze, from which I shall arise (hopefully) to take up the cudgel once again.
  13. Yes, you did!

  14. Sorry about the delay I have been busy responding to 'swoop and troop'.

    Oh no I didn't, as I did not state that this did not happen under the previous administration.

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